Amy Grimm

Reservations and Operations Manager

Amy Grimm, Operations Manager for Savor Seattle Food ToursAmy is a Pisces and enjoys long walks at comic con, metal lunch boxes, and anything containing bacon and cheese. As a college student, she mastered the fine art of setting frozen pizzas on fire in the oven. As a result, she mostly sticks to restaurants, delivery, and anything someone else prepares.

Her hobbies include running (which she uses as an excuse to eat more chocolate and bacon), reading too many books (including cookbooks, but mostly for the pictures), and getting into heated debates on which superhero would win a royal rumble (the answer is always Batman).

Since moving to Seattle in 2008, she has begun to explore the wide variety of food available to her as well as working on her dream of writing a cookbook based on foods from her favorite comic books, movies, fairy tales, and sci-fi shows. She is currently researching the importance of mutton in Viking society.