Morgan Gard

Morgan Gard, tour guide for Savor Seattle Food ToursBorn in Spokane, raised in Puyallup, I currently reside in Seattle and am working on finishing two degrees at the University of Washington. I’ve studied a lot of important things: economic theory to foreign languages and international mischief-making to Batman detective and butt-kicking skills. I’m addicted to non-fiction history these days, and I play enough video games to keep myself from actually learning anything too important.

I collect stories and I shout them loudly to anyone willing to hear something funny and interesting. I’ve worked in, lived in, and seen enough weird places (and seen enough crazy things) to last me a lifetime, but I’m glad I can spend my days in Pike Place Market picking up the bizarre homespun history I always wish I’d had time for. Most of my favorite things are right here in this city. From the people to the food and sights, every day I spend out and about in Seattle is a joy.