Partner Relations Manager & Tour Guide

Patrick Allcorn

Cocktail Crush: A well-made Bobby Burns

Seattle Spot: Luther Burbank Park on Mercer Island

#1 Nosh: El Diablo at Tango


I have been working tirelessly, visiting happy hours all around Seattle expanding my knowledge of the food and drinks that make this city great. As a reformed vegetarian, I now enjoy eating meat daily and will often order the strangest sounding body part on the menu, since I am making up for lost time. When not eating bone marrow, tongue, or sweetbreads, I can usually be found acting on a Seattle stage somewhere, or in a park playing with my daughter. I’m also a rabid sports fan, decent cook, and enjoy solving and creating crossword puzzles on those notorious rainy Seattle days.

Operations Assistant

Marcus Boardman

Cocktail Crush: Bloody Mary +spicy, pepperoncini, and bacon

Seattle Spot: Lowell Basketball Courts

#1 Nosh: Jensen's smoked salmon spread on a bagel


Among everything my late father taught me, there were three things that he instill a love for: theatre, food, and professional wrestling. These three things went on to serve as the anchors for all the insane paths that led me to this city (just a few short months ago) of which I am now proud to call home. Before I go on, I should say the following just for my Mom. You are my everything and continue to teach me every day. This next bit is for Dad. Sorry. I still love your chili and tacos! I digress...

I'm a recent transplant from Santa Cruz, CA with a degree in acting and years of experience working in the world of theatre, food, pro wrestling, and operations management. Life for me needs to have skateboarding, playing basketball, cooking, a bar that knows me by name, podcasts, lucha libre, and water. Tip well, know your server by name, bring back the Super Sonics, and never overcook an egg!

Operations Assistant

Kaitlyn Cartwright

Cocktail Crush: Moscow Mule

Seattle Spot: Gasworks Park

#1 Nosh: Sourdough pasta at Vons GustoBistro

I was born and raised in the suburbs of Seattle, but spent the past four years at Oregon State University. There, I acquired a talent for whipping up a mean Hot Pocket. That is, until Savor saved me. My spark and passion for trying new foods has now been ignited and I have never felt so alive!

In my spare time, I enjoy traveling, playing with my cats, binge watching TV shows on Netflix and making up bad puns. I also love a good karaoke session (I’ve been known to kill it on the mic). My favorite food is grilled cheese dipped in ketchup and I would bathe in a sea of cookie dough ice cream if I could. I love everything about Pike Place Market, and am so glad that I’m able to experience such delicious foods here every day!

Marketing Assistant & Tour Guide

Carla Moreno

Cocktail Crush: Skinny B*tch at Von's

Seattle Spot: Jogging Discovery Park

#1 Nosh: Whatever Chef Kevin Davis at ORFEO brings out


I am a daughter of Honduran immigrants born in New Orleans, raised in Houston and now living in Seattle. A teacher, musician, writer, and adventurer, I love sharing and educating on the things I am most passionate about: travel, music, and of course, good eats and a spectacular cocktail! Raised by a Latina mother, learning to cook took equal priority to learning how to walk. In fact, I can’t remember which came first. Hmm…

Learning about delicious seasonal foods has raised my awareness of sustainable food practices and refined my taste buds. I am always open to trying new things in the culinary world and I am excited to share my delectable discoveries with you!

Managing Director

Terry Rice

Cocktail Crush: Old School Whiskey Sour

Seattle Spot: Biking the Burke-Gilman Trail

#1 Nosh: French fries at the Carlile Room


Born in the salmon capital of the world, Ketchikan, Alaska, some of my earliest memories are of our family on the docks watching the local fishermen haul in the world’s best seafood. The docks were a familiar spot for us because my dad ran our small island communities only grocery and my entrepreneurial mom had taken to offering city tours to cruise ship passengers using the family VW van. I suppose food and tourism were engrained in me from my earliest days, though it would take many more years before I married the two into a career. In my younger years I lived just outside of Seattle, Washington, and fell in love with local grown produce such as apples and strawberries. So much so that I relentlessly hassled my parents into buying me strawberry and tomato plants to grow in our backyard. This was before the appeal of growing food in suburban housing developments was as popular as it is today. When we moved to Portland, Maine I discovered lobster and steamers. And as a teen in Los Angeles, California I became a taco and street food enthusiast. Now back home in Seattle, I am always on the hunt for delicious new restaurants, or great recipes I can try at home.

Prior to joining Savor Seattle as the Senior Manager I spent my most recent years working in the Seattle startup scene using powerful data aggregation to make homeownership more joyful. Before that I was traveling the west coast, Alaska, Hawaii and Mexico as an Operations Manager for a boutique-adventure yachting company. Here at Savor Seattle, I work with our incredible team to make exploring Seattle a multi-sensorial and deliciously joyful experience for visitors and locals alike. When I am not at work you can find me dining around town, running along the waterfront, firing up a BBQ at my place in the foodie paradise neighborhood of Ballard, or most often, spoiling my Beagle puppy Patsy at a dog park nearby.

Tour Guide Manager & Tour Guide

Nick Setten

Cocktail Crush: Absinthe at the Can Can

Seattle Spot: Pike Place Market at dusk

#1 Nosh: Al Pastor tacos at El Borracho


I have been changing lives with Savor Seattle for six years now. As self-professed history nerd trapped in a foodie’s body, I have made it my mission is to cultivate and plumb the depths of Seattle’s 150-year development. Naturally, I am always eager to share my culino-historic findings with anybody who dares show even the slightest interest. My time with Savor Seattle has afforded me the opportunity to take that latent passion for history and food to a whole new, civic-wide level. Be it the history and development of Seattle’s gourmet scene, or the global diaspora of chocolate in the 16th and 17th centuries, my insatiable appetite for history is rivaled only by a deep and undying love of sushi. And pizza. And roast lamb. And dark chocolate. And barbecue ribs. And tacos. And margaritas. And scotch. And absinthe.

For the last year, I have stepped into the role of Tour Guide Manager. My new challenge is turning my experience inwards, and pushing my team to ever greater heights. I take great pride in being an active participant in the social force that is Savor Seattle in particular, and culinary tourism in general. Come take a tour, and your life will never be the same!

Founder & CEO

Angela Shen

Cocktail Crush: Skinny B*tch at Von’s

Seattle Spot: Inn at the Market’s patio

#1 Nosh: Raw oysters


I am a self-proclaimed “food evangelist.” This translates into a huge love of eating, shopping for, and cooking, FOOD. I grew up working in my family’s restaurants and countless others. After graduating from the Wharton School, I moved to Chicago to work in Brand Management at Quaker Oats. My husband’s job brought us to Seattle, where we’ve never been happier to be so close to fresh seafood, local wine, and artisan cheese.

In my spare time, I enjoy giggling with my two kiddos, snowboarding, reading cooking magazines, and watching reality TV. My favorite foods include: foie gras, scrapple (yes, I know these two couldn’t be further from one another), sushi, and raw oysters. Americans would be a whole lot healthier if vegetables tasted like bacon. There are few things I won’t eat…and durian is one of them.

Operations Assistant

Stacey Thorpe

Cocktail Crush: IPA or Stout

Seattle Spot: Gasworks Park

#1 Nosh: Dumplings from Vostok Dumpling House


I was raised in Indiana along with my little brother by two amazing parents. I have a love for food, animals and traveling wherever I can go. I have been all over America and spent a few months in Europe back in college where I fell in love with Ireland and dark beer. My love for food and animals stuck with me after my move to Seattle in 2011. I worked at a local artisan chocolate store while I operated a pet sitting and dog walking business on the side. After a few years, I found my job here at Savor Seattle with the amazing people that I now consider to be family. Soon after I started working at Savor Seattle Food Tours, I tried my luck at cooking since everyone else seemed to be so good at it. So far it’s been fun, but I’m definitely not quitting my day job.