Founder & CEO

Angela Shen

Cocktail Crush: Skinny B*tch at Von’s

Seattle Spot: Inn at the Market’s patio

#1 Nosh: Raw oysters


I am a self-proclaimed “food evangelist.” This translates into a huge love of eating, shopping for, and cooking, FOOD. I grew up working in my family’s restaurants and countless others. After graduating from the Wharton School, I moved to Chicago to work in Brand Management at Quaker Oats. Eleven years ago I was drawn to the city of Seattle, where I’ve never been happier to be so close to fresh seafood, local wine, and artisan cheese.

In my spare time, I enjoy giggling with my two kiddos, traveling, working out in HIIT classes, and being outside year-round. My favorite foods include: tacos, sushi, coffee, eggs, and raw oysters. Americans would be a whole lot healthier if vegetables tasted like bacon. There are few things I won’t eat…and durian is one of them.

I currently serve on the Visit Seattle Board and am a member of the Seattle chapter of Les Dames d’Escoffier. Historic awards include: Puget Sound Business Journal’s Top 40 Under 40, Seattle Tourism Ambassador, and Nellie Cashman Woman Business Owner of the Year Finalist. I am available for speaking and media engagements on topics such as: entrepreneurship, culinary tourism, scaling a business, economic benefits of small businesses, and female leadership.

Managing DIrector

Jennie Dulas

 Cocktail Crush: Sparkling Rose

 Seattle Spot: The Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island

 #1 Nosh: Cheese pupusas with a side of black beans

One of my favorite things in the world is bringing people I love together - nothing says community to me like an amazing meal shared with friends and family. Living in Seattle with its vibrant food culture means there is never a shortage of new places to gather - through my favorite local spot is my dining room table!

I'm a bit of a traveling spirit. While I'm a Seattle native, I proudly claim my Minnesotan roots! After college and several years in Southern California I ended up back home and I couldn't be happier. Working in the food tourism industry is an exciting new change for me after many years spent in non-profit program management and fundraising. 

I hope you'll spend some time with us on a tour and become part of our Savor - and Pike Place Market - family! 

Relationships Manager

Sophia Fischer

 Cocktail Crush: K Vinters 'El Jefe' at Charles Smith Wines Jet City

 Seattle Spot: Walk, run, or bike along the Elliot Bay Trail

 #1 Nosh: Fish Tacos

Two common threads throughout my life are the love of people and the love of a good experience. When the two are combined, it’s these moments that make me take a step back breathe in deep and remember just how good life is.

Originally from Arkansas, I moved to Seattle after graduating from the University of Houston. My career has been spent connecting people, visitors and locals alike, to the amazing area we live in. From working in a luxury hotel to being a small business owner to working at Savor Seattle all have been centered on people and experiences.

Side note: Please let me know if you ever need a recommendation on what to do or where to go. 

Much to my husband’s delight my personal life revolves around food. What new recipe or ingredient can I play with? What new restaurant can we experience? Who can we have over for dinner? What hidden gems can I find in small local towns. Doing my best to stay forever curious and laughing as much as I can.

Tour Guide Manager

Matt Bentley

 Cocktail Crush: The Washington Apple

 Seattle Spot: Carkeek Park

 #1 Nosh: Saltoro in Broadview

I moved to Seattle in 1988 at the age of six and immediately fell in love with the Emerald City. I love roaming around the area's parks and beaches while finding tasty rub all over town. I'm a musician and avid member of the Seattle music scene, as well as a pastel artist, photographer, and writer. I enjoy all of the arts and adore a good book. On weekends, I try to spend as much time as I can hiking, camping, and backpacking my way through Washington State's myriad forests and wilderness areas.

Tour Guide Training Specialist

Heather Refvem

 Cocktail Crush: Corpse Reviver #2

 Seattle Spot: A restaurant patio, on the water

 #1 Nosh: Beecher’s Market Herb cheese curds

Born and raised in the eastside suburbs of Seattle, I have always been proud to be from the Pacific Northwest. The funny thing is, I had to move away from home for a while to really understand that. I studied musical theatre in college and with stars in my eyes moved to New York City after graduating. It is there that I became a professional foodie! For six years I led food tours of Greenwich Village. All along, my heart was home in the Northwest, so two years ago I made the move back to Seattle.

There are few things I miss about New York, but I do find myself missing my Greenwich Village community. I would walk down Bleecker Street in the morning before my tour and I felt like “Belle” in the opening of Beauty and the Beast, waving to the butcher and the baker. I know I am comparing my life to a Disney movie, but that really is the way it was. I have rediscovered that in Pike Place Market, where the motto is “Meet the Producer.” Today, I am thrilled to work as a food tour guide again, but this time in my favorite city!

Marketing Specialist

Justin Oba

Cocktail Crush: Espolon Tequila Reposado, neat

Seattle Spot: Cougar Football Saturdays at Flatstick Pub

#1 Nosh: Sinigang Soup at Oriental Mart


Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, the Emerald City has always been a place full of discovery and excitement. I find Seattle culture – the people, places, communities, and traditions- authentic and unique. My day trips into the city are adventuresome; like the time I was in a food coma at the Bite of Seattle or when I attempted the 5 lb. Burrito challenge at Taco Del Mar for Cinco De Mayo in 2009…got thru only halfway!

My grandmother is the reason why I love food. She hosted numerous potlucks and parties for her friends and community. She understood how food can bring people together, and I loved that. I follow my grandmother’s tradition as a tour guide and host for Savor Seattle. I invite you to explore the city with me!

Guest Services Specialist Lead

Miriam Krainacker

 Cocktail Crush: Grape Kneehigh at Bug Picture

 Seattle Spot: Westcrest Dog Park

 #1 Nosh: Pesto garlic fries from Brass Knuckle Bistro in the White Center neighborhood


I'm "originally" from Montana, in the sense that I've been there since I was four. But after enough time in the woods and the wilds, I decided to tackle a somewhat more refined bit of nature - Seattle. The Emerald City has been my home now for a couple of years, and is so diverse in its brews, its eats, and its activities. Finally getting to eat something beyond burgers has been a delight in-and-of-itself, and I love getting to explore the variety of cuisines in the area. I also get to work in Pike Place Market as a barista, which lets me make friends with everyone there and learn the ins and outs of Seattle's iconic beating heart. When I'm not eating or hitting up food wagons at Seattle's various breweries, I love to drag my dog out for hikes or just lounge in the sun with the pup and my girlfriend. 

Guest Services Specialist

Stephanie Park

 Cocktail Crush: A thick and spicy breakfast salad...(aka Bloody Mary)

 Seattle Spot: Lincoln Park in the West Seattle neighborhood

 #1 Nosh: Vegan tofu cheesecake at The Teaspot Vegetarian House


Born and raised in Idaho, I longed for more diversity, the ocean, and not having to drive everywhere. Moving to Seattle to go to Cornish College of the Arts was very exciting. Especially with water and lush greenery everywhere! After a good run in Seattle, I lived in LA for a time and also NYC for a short stint. I worked as a birthday clown in the Tri-State area, did a few regional and national commercials in Seattle, LA and Chicago, and was a massage therapist and a Reiki teacher in LA. No matter where I was, I longed to make my way back to Seattle, and it is so good to be back in a place I consider home. The thing that lights my fire the most is learning the various ways we can find homeostasis. Everyone is their own healer, and it’s beautiful to see the way people nourish themselves. The one thing we all have in common is we all eat food (unless you’re the type of yogi that lives in a cave and survives from the energy of the sun and the nectar of the third eye), and we all love DELICIOUS food. I’m so excited to be a tour guide and share the excitement of something we all have in common. When I’m not working or eating, I’m meditating, writing letters to my late cat, or trying to remember my Duolingo streak.