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One part food ambassador, one part local historian, and a dash of quirky humor.

Managing Director & Tour Guide

Heather Refvem

Cocktail Crush: An Aviation

Seattle Spot: A restaurant patio, on the water

#1 Nosh: Thai Garlic Chèvre from Lost Peacock Creamery in Olympia

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Born and raised in the eastside suburbs of Seattle, I have always been proud to be from the Pacific Northwest. The funny thing is, I had to move away from home for a while to really understand that. I studied musical theatre in college and with stars in my eyes moved to New York City after graduating. It is there that I became a professional foodie! For six years I led food tours of Greenwich Village. All along, my heart was home in the Northwest, so two years ago I made the move back to Seattle.

There are few things I miss about New York, but I do find myself missing my Greenwich Village community. I would walk down Bleecker Street in the morning before my tour and I felt like “Belle” in the opening of Beauty and the Beast, waving to the butcher and the baker. I know I am comparing my life to a Disney movie, but that really is the way it was. I have rediscovered that in Pike Place Market, where the motto is “Meet the Producer.” Today, I am thrilled to work as a food tour guide again, but this time in my favorite city!

Savor Seattle tour guide and manager, Heather Refvem

Creative Director & Tour Guide

Matt Bentley

Cocktail Crush:  The Washington Apple

Seattle Spot: Carkeek Park

#1 Nosh: Saltoro in Broadview

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I moved to Seattle in 1988 at the age of six and immediately fell in love with the Emerald City. I love roaming around the area’s parks and beaches while finding tasty rub all over town. I’m a musician and avid member of the Seattle music scene, as well as a pastel artist, photographer, and writer. I enjoy all of the arts and adore a good book. On weekends, I try to spend as much time as I can hiking, camping, and backpacking my way through Washington State’s myriad forests and wilderness areas.