Tour Guide

Mark Boeker

Cocktail Crush: Barbados Punch at Rumba

Seattle Spot: Lincoln Park

#1 Nosh: Brunch at Stateside


A Seattle native, I’ve performed in over 50 local productions, 3 original one man shows and several notable regional commercials. To supplement my joy of acting, I was a server and bartender for 15 years. It was this exposure to chefs, food, wine, beer, and craft cocktails that opened my palate and gave me an insatiable curiosity to explore “the finer things.” Being a food tour guide feels like the perfect marriage between my two backgrounds and I’m constantly “researching” by eating out, and regularly enjoy Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, French, Italian, Ethiopian and Indian cuisine, as well as a good burger and pizza.

I also enjoy travel, tennis, chess, constant book-reading and film-watching, having a cat on my lap, and dancing around my well-decorated living room with my cordless headphones to my substantial music collection.

Tour Guide

Caitlin Macy-Beckwith

Cocktail Crush: Do the Bambi at Gainsbourg

Seattle Spot: Pike Place Market in springtime

#1 Nosh: Green Eggs & Ham Pizza (With arugula, for extra greens!) at The Alibi Room


If you wanna talk to someone from out of town who's still in her honeymoon phase with Seattle, look no further than this gal right here! I was born and raised in southern California, and have fully assimilated to Pacific Northwest culture; I get grumpy if I'm away from trees and water for too long. Believe it or not, I migrated up here in 2010 to be a professional actor -- the Seattle theatre scene is inclusive and thriving. However, in order to make rent, I spent a lot of time post-college doing the other thing I'm good at: working front-of-house in restaurants. Being in the food industry has enriched my life in a couple ways; first, it taught me to be present with, and appreciate, my food -- which is probably why I now work for a company called "Savor." Secondly, it further reinforced for me the idea of community-building through the sharing of quality food. Pike Place is one big jewel-colored, seafood-throwing, guitar-strumming, cinnamon-and-patchouli-smelling community, and it is still my absolute favorite place in the city to spend time in. When I'm not giving food and cultural tours at the Market, you'll find me onstage in various theatre productions all over the Seattle area, singing karaoke in one of the magnificent dive bars in Greenwood, or doing very important work research at local brunches and happy hours.

Marketing Specialist & Tour Guide

Justin Oba

Cocktail Crush: Espolon Tequila Reposado, neat

Seattle Spot: Friday nights at Cantina de San Patricio

#1 Nosh: Sinigang Soup at Oriental Mart


Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, the Emerald City has always been a place full of discovery and excitement. I find Seattle culture – the people, places, communities and traditions- authentic and unique. My day trips into the city are adventuresome; like the time I was in a food coma at the Bite of Seattle or when I attempted the 5 lb. Burrito challenge at Taco Del Mar for Cinco De Mayo in 2009…got thru only half way!

My grandmother is the reason why I love food. She hosted numerous potlucks and parties for her friends and community. She understood how food can bring people together, and I loved that. I follow my grandmother’s tradition as a tour guide and host for Savor Seattle. I invite you to come explore the city with me!

Tour Guide

Heather Refvem

Cocktail Crush: Corpse Reviver #2

Seattle Spot: A restaurant patio, on the water

#1 Nosh: Beecher’s Market Herb cheese curds


Born and raised in the eastside suburbs of Seattle, I have always been proud to be from the Pacific Northwest. The funny thing is, I had to move away from home for a while to really understand that. I studied musical theatre in college and with stars in my eyes moved to New York City after graduating. It is there that I became a professional foodie! For six years I led food tours of Greenwich Village. All along, my heart was home in the Northwest, so two years ago I made the move back to Seattle.

There are few things I miss about New York, but I do find myself missing my Greenwich Village community. I would walk down Bleecker Street in the morning before my tour and I felt like “Belle” in the opening of Beauty and the Beast, waving to the butcher and the baker. I know I am comparing my life to a Disney movie, but that really is the way it was. I have rediscovered that in Pike Place Market, where the motto is “Meet the Producer.” Today, I am thrilled to work as a food tour guide again, but this time in my favorite city!

Tour Guide

Matt Bentley

 Cocktail Crush: The Washington Apple

 Seattle Spot: Carkeek Park

 #1 Nosh: Saltoro in Broadview

I moved to Seattle in 1988 at the age of six and immediately fell in love with the Emerald City. I love roaming around the area's parks and beaches while finding tasty rub all over town. I'm a musician and avid member of the Seattle music scene, as well as a pastel artist, photographer, and writer. I enjoy all of the arts and adore a good book. On weekends, I try to spend as much time as I can hiking, camping, and backpacking my way through Washington State's myriad forests and wilderness areas.

Tour Guide & Tour Guide Training Specialist

Katya Landau

 Cocktail Crush: Keep it simple -- tequila over ice, salt rim, and a lime wedge

 Seattle Spot: Liberty Bar

 #1 Nosh: Two Egg Breakfast with BACON at Glo's (: 


Katya was born in raised in the delicious and diverse melting pot of Miami, FL.  She ventured west to Seattle, WA to earn her BFA in Theatre & Original Works at Cornish College of the Arts.  She graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2015 and has been working as a professional Actor, Director, and Dialect Coach ever since.  However, the rumor is true -- artists do need day jobs!  Working as a Food Tour Guide in Pike Place Market is by far her favorite.  Katya was fortunate enough to have been raised by two culinary-inclined parents and food has been one of her many passions since she was toddler gobbling down mussels at Dim Sum.  You can follow all of her theatre and foodie adventures @ stages_and_plates on Instagram.  

Tour Guide

Stephanie Lowe

 Cocktail Crush: Is Beer a cocktail? Hly Mountain Three Fates Pilsner

 Seattle Spot: Around a fire pit at Golden Gardens 

 #1 Nosh: Veggie Butter Masala at Cedars

I'm originally from Ormond Beach, Florida and moved to Seattle in May of 2015. I started working in food in 2008 while in high school. In 2012, I graduated from Daytona State College with a degree in Culinary Management and a certificate in Baking and Pastry Specialization. I've worked in kitchens and bakeries, and loved the daily challenges and fast-paced atmosphere, but decided that I missed being a great host and talking to people! I moved to the front of the house and worked my way up to management. While in management, I realized that it was a fun challenge, but I missed learning about food and being in a more creative role. After I left my management position I took some time off and set out to find a position to do just that, which is how I landed at Savor Seattle! I'm able to learn about food and restaurants in Seattle, and am able talk to people all day long! 

When I'm not at work, you can find me attending local art events like First Thursdays in Pioneer Square and Second Thursdays in Capitol Hill, attending music events around the city, or at home working either on a variety of art projects or making food!

Tour Guide

J.B. Frazee

 Cocktail Crush: Lucky Envelope's Raspberry Sour 

 Seattle Spot: Westcrest Dog Park - White Center

 #1 Nosh: Fried Salmon Tips from Oriental Mart Grocery & kitchenette 

I was born and raised in rural Missouri,  but I've been a resident of the Emerald City for the majority of my adult life. I moved here to pursue a career as a network and systems engineer. After nearly 20 years I've decided to take a step back and enjoy the finer things life has to offer. My old company's offices were just down Western Avenue from Pike Place Market and I loved exploring the market,  enjoying everything it had to offer,  and learning about its history.  I now get the same joy from sharing the market and downtown with others! One of my many interests is promoting local and sustainable agricultural practices in which the producers receive their fair share of the profits! 

Tour Guide

Shelby Taub

 Cocktail Crush: The Flamingo Kid from Bathtub Gin & Co.  

 Seattle Spot: The trail around Greenlake with full foliage 

 #1 Nosh: Seasonal ravioli from Bizzarro in Wallingford

A fourth generation Seattleite, my upbringing has been circling around the amazing food culture that's developed here. Good, fresh seafood brings me joy and a longing to never leave. Raised in the Washingtonian woods, I love the smell of fresh flowers in the morning and the fall colors in the evenings. I enjoy long walks to local breweries and neighborhood farmers markets! I've spent time working at local, independent Seattle shops. I've always admired a business's dedication to supporting local communities in their own way. My favorite part of the job? Sharing my joy I have for Pike Place Market with visitors and locals alike.

When I'm not leading tours, I work in the medical field helping people feel better in a different way. I'm so lucky to have roots in such a vibrant, unique, ever-changing city! 

Tour Guide

Emily Huntingford

 Cocktail Crush: French 75

 Seattle Spot: Greenlake

 #1 Nosh: Beignets at Toulouse Petit

A native of the Pacific Northwest, I am so proud to be sharing one of my favorite places on Earth, Seattle. Born and raised in Port Townsend, a small town on the Olympic Peninsula, I always cherished those trips across the water into the big city of Seattle for dinner and a show. Now, having moved back to the Northwest after college to pursue acting, I find Seattle holds just as much magic as it did when I was a child. I love walking around Greenlake munching on fish and chips, indulging on chocolate covered popcorn at Cinerama, sipping hot chocolate and reading a good book on a rainy day, consuming as much theatre as I can, and occasionally travelling while also holding down a day job! I'm so excited to have the opportunity to share and connect with visitors and locals over the vibrant Seattle community.