Tour Guide

Mark Boeker

Cocktail Crush: Barbados Punch at Rumba

Seattle Spot: Lincoln Park

#1 Nosh: Brunch at Stateside


A Seattle native, I’ve performed in over 50 local productions, 3 original one man shows and several notable regional commercials. To supplement my joy of acting, I was a server and bartender for 15 years. It was this exposure to chefs, food, wine, beer, and craft cocktails that opened my palate and gave me an insatiable curiosity to explore “the finer things.” Being a food tour guide feels like the perfect marriage between my two backgrounds and I’m constantly “researching” by eating out, and regularly enjoy Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, French, Italian, Ethiopian and Indian cuisine, as well as a good burger and pizza.

I also enjoy travel, tennis, chess, constant book-reading and film-watching, having a cat on my lap, and dancing around my well-decorated living room with my cordless headphones to my substantial music collection.

Tour Guide

Caitlin Macy-Beckwith

Cocktail Crush: Do the Bambi at Gainsbourg

Seattle Spot: Pike Place Market in springtime

#1 Nosh: Green Eggs & Ham Pizza (With arugula, for extra greens!) at The Alibi Room


If you wanna talk to someone from out of town who's still in her honeymoon phase with Seattle, look no further than this gal right here! I was born and raised in southern California, and have fully assimilated to Pacific Northwest culture; I get grumpy if I'm away from trees and water for too long. Believe it or not, I migrated up here in 2010 to be a professional actor -- the Seattle theatre scene is inclusive and thriving. However, in order to make rent, I spent a lot of time post-college doing the other thing I'm good at: working front-of-house in restaurants. Being in the food industry has enriched my life in a couple ways; first, it taught me to be present with, and appreciate, my food -- which is probably why I now work for a company called "Savor." Secondly, it further reinforced for me the idea of community-building through the sharing of quality food. Pike Place is one big jewel-colored, seafood-throwing, guitar-strumming, cinnamon-and-patchouli-smelling community, and it is still my absolute favorite place in the city to spend time in. When I'm not giving food and cultural tours at the Market, you'll find me onstage in various theatre productions all over the Seattle area, singing karaoke in one of the magnificent dive bars in Greenwood, or doing very important work research at local brunches and happy hours.

Marketing Specialist & Tour Guide

Justin Oba

Cocktail Crush: Espolon Tequila Reposado, neat

Seattle Spot: Friday nights at Cantina de San Patricio

#1 Nosh: Sinigang Soup at Oriental Mart


Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, the Emerald City has always been a place full of discovery and excitement. I find Seattle culture – the people, places, communities and traditions- authentic and unique. My day trips into the city are adventuresome; like the time I was in a food coma at the Bite of Seattle or when I attempted the 5 lb. Burrito challenge at Taco Del Mar for Cinco De Mayo in 2009…got thru only half way!

My grandmother is the reason why I love food. She hosted numerous potlucks and parties for her friends and community. She understood how food can bring people together, and I loved that. I follow my grandmother’s tradition as a tour guide and host for Savor Seattle. I invite you to come explore the city with me!

Tour Guide

Heather Refvem

Cocktail Crush: Corpse Reviver #2

Seattle Spot: A restaurant patio, on the water

#1 Nosh: Beecher’s Market Herb cheese curds


Born and raised in the eastside suburbs of Seattle, I have always been proud to be from the Pacific Northwest. The funny thing is, I had to move away from home for a while to really understand that. I studied musical theatre in college and with stars in my eyes moved to New York City after graduating. It is there that I became a professional foodie! For six years I led food tours of Greenwich Village. All along, my heart was home in the Northwest, so two years ago I made the move back to Seattle.

There are few things I miss about New York, but I do find myself missing my Greenwich Village community. I would walk down Bleecker Street in the morning before my tour and I felt like “Belle” in the opening of Beauty and the Beast, waving to the butcher and the baker. I know I am comparing my life to a Disney movie, but that really is the way it was. I have rediscovered that in Pike Place Market, where the motto is “Meet the Producer.” Today, I am thrilled to work as a food tour guide again, but this time in my favorite city!

Tour Guide

Matt Bentley

 Cocktail Crush: The Washington Apple

 Seattle Spot: Carkeek Park

 #1 Nosh: Saltoro in Broadview

I moved to Seattle in 1988 at the age of six and immediately fell in love with the Emerald City. I love roaming around the area's parks and beaches while finding tasty rub all over town. I'm a musician and avid member of the Seattle music scene, as well as a pastel artist, photographer, and writer. I enjoy all of the arts and adore a good book. On weekends, I try to spend as much time as I can hiking, camping, and backpacking my way through Washington State's myriad forests and wilderness areas.

Tour Guide & Tour Guide Training Specialist

Katya Landau

 Cocktail Crush: Sagefight Craft Imperial IPA by Deschutes Brewery

 Seattle Spot: Glo's Diner on Capitol Hill

 #1 Nosh: Lumpia from Tita Leila at Oriental Mart, in Pike Place Market


Katya was born in raised in the delicious and diverse melting pot of Miami, FL.  She ventured west to Seattle, WA to earn her BFA in Theatre & Original Works at Cornish College of the Arts.  She graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2015 and has been working as a professional Actor, Director, and Dialect Coach ever since.  However, the rumor is true -- artists do need day jobs!  Katya joined Savor Seattle as a Tour Guide in the Spring of 2016 and has thoroughly enjoyed eating her way through the rich, inspiring history of Pike Place.  After three years with the company, she was promoted to Tour Guide Training Specialist and she is ecstatic about the new, challenging, and empowering and responsibilities on her plate!   

Tour Guide

Liz Neal

 Cocktail Crush: Black currant tea from Marketspice  

 Seattle Spot: Culture spot is Lakeview Cemetery

 #1 Nosh: Belltown Rolls at Ohana

Raised on a small farm in Arlington. I can't help but be the connsumate host. As a child I raised sheep, beef, made hay, had a pet guard goat, and was active in both my 4-H club and FFA chapter (I have an American FFA Degree). My family has been farming in Washington since my first relatives came to Washington in the 1870s, first in Almira wheat farming, which year after year was the town that I was coincidentally misidentified as being from when I won state level FFA awards. My great(cubed) uncle Wendell E. Stevens forged Stevens Pass, knowing Eastern Washington farmers needed better connection to the coast. It is this big family farm culture, with its love of big together family + dinners that taught me the love of a great story and the importance of breaking bread together. 

Growing up so close to Seattle, I've been coming here since well before I can remember. My sister spent the first five years of her life receiving experimental treatment at Seattle Children's Hospital, so my family would take me to all the sites here to keep me busy while my parents were occupied at the hospital. This spurred my love of the city and sharing it with others which started as soon as I could talk enough to be the know it all cousin. 

I came to live in Seattle in a bit of a Goldilocks way; loved in San Deigo for a year, but it was too hot. Denali for a Summer, but too far from a Nordstrom ( I joke, but really I mean all of my loved ones), so I moved in to Belltown and found myself a city girl. My adult love of The Market was spurred by 8am Saturday walks for fresh flowers, locally made crafts, loose leaf tea at Marketspice, and the vintage poster shop in the basement. It brings me great joy to share my love of this city and state with new friends every day. 

Tour Guide

Stephanie Park

 Cocktail Crush: A thick and spicy breakfast salad (Bloody Mary)

 Seattle Spot: Lincoln Park in West Seattle

 #1 Nosh: Vegan Tofu Cheesecake at The Teaspot Vegetarian House

Born and raised in Idaho, I longed for more diversity, the ocean, and not having to drive everywhere. Moving to Seattle to go to Cornish College of the Arts was very exciting. Especially with water and lush greenery everywhere! After a good run in Seattle, I lived in LA for a time and also NYC for a short stint. I worked as a birthday clown in the Tri-State area, did a few regional and national commercials in Seattle, LA and Chicago, and was a massage therapist and a Reiki teacher in LA. No matter where I was, I longed to make my way back to Seattle, and it is so good to be back in a place I consider home. The thing that lights my fire the most is learning the various ways we can find homeostasis. Everyone is their own healer, and it’s beautiful to see the way people nourish themselves. The one thing we all have in common is we all eat food (unless you’re the type of yogi that lives in a cave and survives from the energy of the sun and the nectar of the third eye), and we all love DELICIOUS food. I’m so excited to be a tour guide and share the excitement of something we all have in common. When I’m not working or eating, I’m meditating, writing letters to my late cat, or trying to remember my Duolingo streak.

Tour Guide

Betsy Grossman

 Cocktail Crush: Black Milk Tea Boba

 Seattle Spot: Elliot Bay Bookstore

 #1 Nosh: Pappardelle Bolongnese at Il Corvo

Betsy spent her formative years in Princeton, NJ. She has lived in PA, IL, NY, VA, Scotland, and Spain before landing in Seattle in search of coffee and other people who hide from the sun. She spent years working as a barista, an artisanal baker and ice cream maker, an actor, a costume designer, and a Registered Nurse. 

She spends a lot of time conducting research on Seattle's tastiest food, which includes hunting down her current favorite food trucks. She is a fearless culinary adventurer, known to trek all over the city in search of the best boba tea!

Occasionally you can find her working in a family practice clinic, hanging out in Elliot Bay Book Company, watching films at SIFF, practicing yoga, or having affirmations shouted at her at SoulCycle. SHe loves cooking with local ingredients and planning her next meal. Her favorite things about Pike Place Market are finding out everything that's in season, meeting the amazing humans that work in the Market, and watching fish fly. 

Tour Guide

Miriam Krainacker

 Cocktail Crush: Grape Kneehigh at Bug Picture

 Seattle Spot: Westcrest Dog Park

 #1 Nosh: Pesto Garlic Fries from Brass Knuckle Bistro in White Center

I'm "originally" from Montana, in the sense that I've been there since I was four. But after enough time in the woods and the wilds, I decided to tackle a somewhat more refined bit of nature - Seattle. The Emerald City has been my home now for a couple of years, and is so diverse in its brews, its eats, and its activities. Finally getting to eat something beyond burgers has been a delight in-and-of-itself, and I love getting to explore the variety of cuisines in the area. I also get to work in Pike Place Market as a barista, which lets me make friends with everyone there and learn the ins and outs of Seattle's iconic beating heart. When I'm not eating or hitting up food wagons at Seattle's various breweries, I love to drag my dog out for hikes or just lounge in the sun with the pup and my girlfriend. 

Tour Guide

John Lefor

I moved from Western New York to the Seattle area in 1990 to work for a small software company named Microsoft. On the job I had a chance to travel frequently in Europe and the Middle East with the added benefit of connecting with the various cultures and food. When I lived in Germany for four years, I enjoyed the flavor of the locals but also wanted to have a connection to my basics. So I learned to bake breads, with a specialty in bagels and bialys. Today I enjoy travel and meeting new friends. The community and oppourtunity for outside activities in the Pacific Northwest is a great joy and I hope to share that joy with new friends. 

Tour Guide

Marley Utzig

 Cocktail Crush: Shirley Temple

 Seattle Spot: The Frye Art Museum

 #1 Nosh: Anything at Annapurna Restaurant


Seattle is a stunning city that I have had the pleasure of living in for 5 years now. My love for the history comes from growing up in Philadelphia, a city of firsts. I love people; talking, connecting, and teaching them. My friends often joke I always know what's going on and where to go. Pike Place Market has been a perfect place for me to meet people and work closely with Seattle's History. When not in the Market I like to dance, admire art, and sift through vintage clothing. 

Tour Guide

Sarah Wilbanks

 Cocktail Crush: Sparkling Passionfruit Sour at Stateside

 Seattle Spot: The counter at Le Pichet

 #1 Nosh: The generous GF lemon bars at Nuflours Bakery

I have happily resided in Seattle since 1987 but, like many others here, am a transplant. My family moved a lot growing up so I have lived in every state on the West Coast including Alaska and Hawaii and have learned to appreciate many different cuisines and cultures. One of the things I love about Seattle is that I'm able to enjoy the same variety today. I enjoy walking this lovely city of ours, finding new gems, and sampling Happy Hours along the way. I love sharing my new finds with friends and family and now with guests through Savor Seattle.

You can also find me exploring the world of fine art jewelry in my cozy and colorful studio apartment at one of my three workstations. I work with polymer in my kitchen, have a metalsmithing bench in my hallway, and solder n my hall closet. Much of my jewelry is inspired by forms found in mature and you can find it at Seattle Art Museum's gift shop, local galleries, and on Get a sneak peek of what's on my benches, my creative process, and fresh food and cocktail discoveries on Instagram: @sarahwilbanks 

Tour Guide

Yoseph Amare

 Cocktail Crush: Tacos Chukis

 Seattle Spot: Sugar Hill on Capitol Hill

 #1 Nosh: Whisky Soda

I'm a born & raised Seattlelite who decided to take a 6-month break from school to develop the necessary life skills needed to build connections with people. During this time, I'm going to be doing the exact opposite of what I was formerly doing as an academic. Instead of staring at textbooks and worrying about midterms, I'm going to be working as a tour guide and interacting with the world around me. If you're reading this, I hope to have the opportunity of being your tour guide! 

Tour Guide

Marin Bundy

 Cocktail Crush: Lemon Drop

 Seattle Spot: Noble Barton

 #1 Nosh: Steak & Potatoes

Hello, My name is Mirin! I was born and raised in Des Moines, Washington. Growing up I always adored coming to Pike Place Market and now I'm lucky enough to work in it! In my free time, I love to model and sew. I am an entrepreneur and run a scrunchie business which is my pride and joy! I love to eat and I'm always looking to try new things! :) 

Tour Guide

Adam Pflueger

 Cocktail Crush: Helbent IPA

 Seattle Spot: Blue Star Cafe

 #1 Nosh: Crispy Polenta Fritters from Orfeo in Belltown

Adam moved to Seattle after working for an airline, because he fell in love with all of the unique cultures, flavors and community that it had to offer. You can find him on his off time trying as many new restaurants - and there are a lot - as possible. He has traveled to over 60 countries and lived in 5 continents. He is so excited to be part of Savor Seattle and their mission to help others discover this magical city!  

Tour Guide

Elizabeth Bullard

 Cocktail Crush: Topo Chico with fresh lime and crushed mint 

 Seattle Spot: Early mornings in Lincoln Park

 #1 Nosh: Uli's sausage and pan-roasted Brussel sprouts

I have spent the majority of my life living in three amazing places: my hometown of Chicago, and my adopted hometowns of New York City and Seattle. In these cities, I have had the opportunity to work in top-notch bars and restaurants, participate in community sustained agriculture and gardens, and volunteer at after-school culinary arts programs for children; exploring along the way the particular alchemy that occurs when food and drink bring us all together and opens our hearts.

Once again, I find myself back in the Emerald City, rekindling my passion for the fresh flavors of the Pacific Northwest, the landscape and even the weather. When I am not boasting about the fruits of the region, you can find me painting, cooking, hiking, and discovering just how I can be of service to others. 

Tour Guide

Keala Milles, Jr.

 Cocktail Crush: Aviation 

 Seattle Spot: Shorty's in Belltown

 #1 Nosh: Curry Beef Bao at Mee Sum Pastry in Pike Place Market

Amateur chef and mixologist, semi-professional actor/musician/writer with a theatre degree from the University of Washington, if you care about that sort of thing.