Partner Relations Manager & Tour Guide

Patrick Allcorn

 Cocktail Crush: A well-made Bobby Burns

 Seattle Spot: Luther Burbank Park on Mercer Island

 #1 Nosh: El Diablo at Tango


I have been working tirelessly, visiting happy hours all around Seattle expanding my knowledge of the food and drinks that make this city great. As a reformed vegetarian, I now enjoy eating meat daily and will often order the strangest sounding body part on the menu, since I am making up for lost time. When not eating bone marrow, tongue, or sweetbreads, I can usually be found acting on a Seattle stage somewhere, or in a park playing with my daughter. I’m also a rabid sports fan, decent cook, and enjoy solving and creating crossword puzzles on those notorious rainy Seattle days.

Tour Guide

Mark Boeker

Cocktail Crush: Barbados Punch at Rumba

Seattle Spot: Lincoln Park

#1 Nosh: Brunch at Stateside


A Seattle native, I’ve performed in over 50 local productions, 3 original one man shows and several notable regional commercials. To supplement my joy of acting, I was a server and bartender for 15 years. It was this exposure to chefs, food, wine, beer, and craft cocktails that opened my palate and gave me an insatiable curiosity to explore “the finer things.” Being a food tour guide feels like the perfect marriage between my two backgrounds and I’m constantly “researching” by eating out, and regularly enjoy Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, French, Italian, Ethiopian and Indian cuisine, as well as a good burger and pizza.

I also enjoy travel, tennis, chess, constant book-reading and film-watching, having a cat on my lap, and dancing around my well-decorated living room with my cordless headphones to my substantial music collection.

Tour Guide

Warren Haney

Cocktail Crush: Dark & Stormy

Seattle Spot: Frisbee at Cal Anderson Park

#1 Nosh: Adobada tortas at Tacos Chukis


I grew up in the agricultural areas of southern Idaho. While there, I found myself craving something a little more… fast-paced. Being the natural theater kid that I was, I immediately moved to the ever growing city of Seattle to start my education as an actor at Cornish College of the Arts. I immediately fell in love.

Since coming to Seattle, I have made it my biggest effort to go to all the food places, museums, coffee shops, theaters, parks, and many other places within the city. Usually you can find me in Pike Place Market checking out all the vendor areas and talking up a storm. Being very involved with literature as well, you can also find me over at the Seattle Public Library reading plays, novels, and anything else I can get my hands on. P.S. I have a pretty big sweet tooth!

Tour Guide

Alyssa Keene

Cocktail Crush: Anything herbaceous and adventurous

Seattle Spot: Piper's Orchard in Carkeek Park

#1 Nosh: Oyster shooters


Originally from the Bakersfield, CA (where we produce 1/3 of the nation's agriculture) I learned to herd cattle, pasteurize milk, harvest vegetables, catch fish, bake pies, crank ice cream, and slop hogs from an early age. When I moved to Seattle in the mid-90's in search of greener pastures (and to attend theater school), I discovered a rich theater scene and fascinating history... and slow food, chinook salmon, truffles, macchiatos, and fiddleheads. Over the past 20 years I have come to know and love the flora and faun of the Pacific Northwest and have made it a personal mission to befriend all of the crows.

Over the past two decades, I have knitted together a creative life here in the Emerald City as an actor, voice-over artist, dialect coach, educator, and musician— along with a million odd jobs like room service attendant and dog walker and barista and esthetician and nanny. I am an avid baker and consider my grandmother's recipe box to be one of my most precious heirlooms. I plant a vegetable garden every year and if you come to my house, I will invite to you to visit the "children" (also known as the tomato plants). My husband and I are avid bocce players, holding tournaments throughout the summer months for a gaggle of friends and grilling up all sorts of goodies and beasts in our meat pit. A reformed vegetarian, chocolate covered-bacon was my gateway drug back into omnivorism and I'm so pleased to have access to sustainably-raised food. I'm always on the lookout for local specialties and inventive restaurants, often selecting the most unfamiliar or exotic item on the menu. As a "Jane of All Trades" and enthusiast of life, I am a lover of strawberries, Muppets, figs, World War II history, bivalves, literature, gelato, and theater. I love sharing my passion for Seattle and all of its cultural and culinary delights with locals and visitors alike.

Tour Guide

Kenna Kettrick

Cocktail Crush: French 75 & all similar drinks

Seattle Spot: Alki point, preferably with picnic

#1 Nosh: Avocadoes


I’m a Seattle native, proud to call this city my hometown (although my heart’s hometown is that other green rainy burg, Dublin, Ireland; there might be a pattern here). I enjoy exploring my city, sharing new discoveries with others, and of course, feeding people! I love food of all kinds–seriously, I could eat food, like, everyday–and I’ll try anything put in front of me at least once. Except celery, no thank you. My favorites include goat cheese, fresh berries, anything from the grill, tacos, chocolate, and avocados for days – plus always a cuppa tea in the morning.

When I’m not telling stories about history and food on a tour, I am on stage or producing shows with several local theater companies, reading too many novels at the same time, and trying to make friends with every single dog I see.

Marketing Assistant & Tour Guide

Carla Moreno

Cocktail Crush: Skinny B*tch at Von's

Seattle Spot: Jogging Discovery Park

#1 Nosh: Whatever Chef Kevin Davis at ORFEO brings out


I am a daughter of Honduran immigrants born in New Orleans, raised in Houston and now living in Seattle. A teacher, musician, writer, and adventurer, I love sharing and educating on the things I am most passionate about: travel, music, and of course, good eats and a spectacular cocktail! Raised by a Latina mother, learning to cook took equal priority to learning how to walk. In fact, I can’t remember which came first. Hmm…

Learning about delicious seasonal foods has raised my awareness of sustainable food practices and refined my taste buds. I am always open to trying new things in the culinary world and I am excited to share my delectable discoveries with you!

Tour Guide

Justin Oba

Cocktail Crush: Espolon Tequila Reposado, neat

Seattle Spot: Friday nights at Cantina de San Patricio

#1 Nosh: Sinigang Soup at Oriental Mart


Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, the Emerald City has always been a place full of discovery and excitement. I find Seattle culture – the people, places, communities and traditions- authentic and unique. My day trips into the city are adventuresome; like the time I was in a food coma at the Bite of Seattle or when I attempted the 5 lb. Burrito challenge at Taco Del Mar for Cinco De Mayo in 2009…got thru only half way!

My grandmother is the reason why I love food. She hosted numerous potlucks and parties for her friends and community. She understood how food can bring people together, and I loved that. I follow my grandmother’s tradition as a tour guide and host for Savor Seattle. I invite you to come explore the city with me!

Tour Guide

Heather Refvem

Cocktail Crush: Corpse Reviver #2

Seattle Spot: A restaurant patio, on the water

#1 Nosh: Beecher’s Market Herb cheese curds


Born and raised in the eastside suburbs of Seattle, I have always been proud to be from the Pacific Northwest. The funny thing is, I had to move away from home for a while to really understand that. I studied musical theatre in college and with stars in my eyes moved to New York City after graduating. It is there that I became a professional foodie! For six years I led food tours of Greenwich Village. All along, my heart was home in the Northwest, so two years ago I made the move back to Seattle.

There are few things I miss about New York, but I do find myself missing my Greenwich Village community. I would walk down Bleecker Street in the morning before my tour and I felt like “Belle” in the opening of Beauty and the Beast, waving to the butcher and the baker. I know I am comparing my life to a Disney movie, but that really is the way it was. I have rediscovered that in Pike Place Market, where the motto is “Meet the Producer.” Today, I am thrilled to work as a food tour guide again, but this time in my favorite city!

Tour Guide

Judson Rusk

Cocktail Crush: Old Fashioned with rye whiskey

Seattle Spot: Alki Beach in West Seattle

#1 Nosh: Almond croissant from Bakery Nouveau


Although relatively new to the Seattle area, I am a son of the Pacific Northwest. I grew up in a small town on an island in Southeast Alaska, which is where I cultivated a deep passion for seafood. However, I have yet to meet a cuisine that I don’t enjoy. My mom hails from the Midwest, which has awarded me with a deep (and borderline obsessive) love affair with macaroni and cheese; while my dad’s southern roots allow barbeque sauce to run in my veins (ketchup based, not vinegar. It’s the right choice). One of my most sacred personal beliefs is that a vacation can be well and truly wasted if one fails to get to a local restaurant to experience local culture.

On the rare occasions when you can find me not talking or eating, I usually fill my spare time behind a camera. I write, produce, direct, and edit short films. When I’m not making something new, I study film history and the evolution of genre within the medium. It is legitimately difficult for me to go longer than 30 minutes without using obscure pop-culture references in regular conversation. My passions for food and film are only surpassed by my family. You can frequently find my wife and I spending time at the beach or at a dog park with our Giant Schnauzer.

Tour Guide Manager & Tour Guide

Nick Setten

Cocktail Crush: Absinthe at the Can Can

Seattle Spot: Pike Place Market at dusk

#1 Nosh: Al Pastor tacos at El Barracho


I have been changing lives with Savor Seattle for six years now. As self-professed history nerd trapped in a foodie’s body, I have made it my mission is to cultivate and plumb the depths of Seattle’s 150-year development. Naturally, I am always eager to share my culino-historic findings with anybody who dares show even the slightest interest. My time with Savor Seattle has afforded me the opportunity to take that latent passion for history and food to a whole new, civic-wide level. Be it the history and development of Seattle’s gourmet scene, or the global diaspora of chocolate in the 16th and 17th centuries, my insatiable appetite for history is rivaled only by a deep and undying love of sushi. And pizza. And roast lamb. And dark chocolate. And barbecue ribs. And tacos. And margaritas. And scotch. And absinthe.

For the last year, I have stepped into the role of Tour Guide Manager. My new challenge is turning my experience inwards, and pushing my team to ever greater heights. I take great pride in being an active participant in the social force that is Savor Seattle in particular, and culinary tourism in general. Come take a tour, and your life will never be the same!

Tour Guide

Margie Slovan

Cocktail Crush: Margarita

Seattle Spot: Ferry ride on Elliot Bay

#1 Nosh: Slice of Sicilian at DeLaurentis

I never met a crab leg until I moved to Seattle, but I was very happy for the introduction. I also appreciate our local salmon, cilantro and scenery, all things I didn’t know existed when I was growing up in New York City. I love this job because eating good food and meeting new people are two of my favorite things. When I’m not extolling the wonders of truffle oil, a Josper oven or the tater tots at Steelhead Diner, you can find me teaching drama, directing plays or working on my latest screenplay.

So is there anything else you need to know about me? Well, I used to be a journalist. I recently made my first film. And I have never lost my appetite.