Group Activities & Private Food Tours in Seattle

Whether you are looking for a corporate team-building event in Seattle or are simply planning a group activity for friends, our private food & drink tours will boost your party’s morale to new heights!

2 hours


$44 - $58


12-60 people


Uncorked Possibilities for Your Next Corporate Event or Private Food Tour in Seattle

Please Note: As a result of COVID-19, Savor Seattle no longer operates our own walking food tours and has transitioned all walking tour-related operations to an industry colleague, Show Me Seattle. All questions about tours should be directed to: or using the Contact Us Form.

Are you trying to schedule a much-needed socially distanced team-building idea for your team? Or perhaps a local "clean fun" idea for a bachelorette party?

No matter your motivation, our world-class food tours make the perfect Seattle small group activity!

We compose mouth-watering and unforgettable private tours based on the longstanding relationships we have with Seattle’s leading chocolatiers, bakers, chefs, and food merchants. And don’t expect to only walk and eat — we take your group behind the scenes, introducing you to the culinary legends of Seattle’s foodie scene.

Our local guides deliver authentic food experiences that will leave your team feeling a deeper connection with each other and this great city.

So get your group behind one of our signature pink umbrellas and get excited — delicious times are ahead.

5 Tasty Ideas For Your Private Group Tour

Our private tours are designed by locals for locals and travelers alike. Between bites of Seattle's award-winning bites, our guides will keep you entertained with stories from Seattle’s eccentric past and booming culture of today.

Food and Cultural Tour of Pike Place Market

Private tours always receive special treatment from our friends at the Market. From Iron Chef winner Tom Douglas to the world-famous fish throwers, we’ll take your group behind the scenes and introduce you to our Market family and their signature foods!

VIP Pike Place Market Early Access Tour

The perfect Seattle group activity for early risers, this VIP Market tour is led by our most seasoned guides. Our guides leverage their years of experience and personal relationships with the Market’s merchants in order to introduce you to the Market’s most coveted delicacies.

We Have Hosted Corporate Team-Building Events for Some of Seattle’s Top Companies

Our local guides have crafted unforgettable group tours for dozens of Seattle companies. It may sound old fashioned, but we believe that nothing bonds a team better than breaking bread together. And based on our reviews, the corporate groups that take our private tours agree!

Private Tours Company Logos

Why Choose Savor Seattle For Your Private or Corporate Tour?

A company is only as strong as its employees, which is why we hire the best. 

Our tour guides are avid epicures, Pike Place Market devotees, and amateur connoisseurs. Together, our team has its finger on the pulse of Seattle’s food culture and we unite all our resources to cook up tours that are delivered to you with the elegance of a seven-course French dinner. 

We consider ourselves ambassadors for this city, so our private tours showcase only the best Seattle has to offer. This means you get food that is local, sustainable, fresh, seasonal, and organic.

As for accolades, our Seattle tours have been listed in TripAdvisor’s  “Top 10 Tours in America” and have garnered over 5,700 5-star reviews between TripAdvisor and Yelp. 

And the fun doesn’t end when our tour does! Before you leave, we will give everyone in your group tour a VIP discount card that qualifies them for 10-15% off at 40+ restaurants and attractions around Seattle. 

How To Book Your Private Group Tour

Once you’ve decided which tour you would like to book for your group, there are two ways to proceed.

  1. Contact the Show Me Seattle Private Events Team or call their office (206-633-2489) to discuss scheduling and other options.
  2. Book the private Seattle tour yourself through our website. Each of our tours has a maximum capacity, so to ensure that your tour is private (with no surprise guests) book all the tickets for a tour where the maximum number of tickets are still available.
    Tour Type Maximum Capacity Per Timeslot
    VIP Pike Place Market Early Access Tour 12
    Food and Cultural Tour of Pike Place Market 12

You will need to buy out all the spaces for a given time slot in order to have a private and exclusive tour experience for your group.

Don’t see the availability you need? Give Show Me Seattle a call at 206-633-2489 and they may be able to open another time slot for you and secure your booking over the phone.

Private Seattle Food Tour FAQs

Give Show Me Seattle a call at 206-633-2489 and they may be able to open another time slot for you and schedule your booking over the phone. 

Each tour type has the following time slots (pending real-time availability):

Tour Type Timeslots
Early Access VIP Tour of Pike Place Market 8:00am, 8:30am, 9:00am
Food and Cultural Tour of Pike Place Market 9:30am, 10:00am, 10:30am, 11:00am, 2:00pm, 2:30pm, 3:00pm, 3:30pm

If your group’s headcount exceeds the maximum for a tour’s timeslot, we may be able to open up another timeslot that is 30 minutes before or after your primary timeslot(s).

For example: You have a group of 36 people and would like to do the Food and Cultural Tour of Pike Place Market. If space is available, we can split your group into smaller groups of 12 for timeslots of: 9:30am, 10:00am, and 10:30am.


There are several options available and the resolution for this issue ultimately depends on your flexibility and budget. Here are our recommendations in order of priority:

  1. Buy out all spaces for a tour’s time slot(s). As your group’s headcount fluctuates, it will not matter so long as your headcount does not exceed the maximum spaces you have already bought out. With this option, you avoid the stress and panic that often comes with the last-minute headcount changes of coordinating a large group.

  2. Book the number of tickets you know your group will definitely need right now, and then come back and purchase more tickets as your group size grows. The risk here is that members of the public may book for the same time slot, meaning your tour won’t be private and there may not be enough tickets later for the additional members of your group.

  3. Wait until you have the exact headcount and then purchase your tickets. The risk here is that there may not be enough tickets for your preferred tour type or time.

Unfortunately, we are unable to hold tours and tickets or issue refunds for unused tickets or no-shows. Spaces are confirmed and guaranteed upon receipt of payment.

That is ok! While it is ideal to get as much information upfront in the ticket booking process online, we understand the challenges of organizing an event for an entire group. Go ahead and give us as much information as you have about applicable dietary restrictions, and then follow up with each member of your group in the interim to secure and clarify their dietary restrictions.

The Show Me Seattle team will also be in touch with you as it gets closer to the date of your event.

Similar to a server in a restaurant, your tour guide works hard to ensure that your group is well-fed, taken care of, and having a rollicking good time! For all groups of 6 or more (public, private, or corporate event), a standard gratuity of 18% is customary for the tour guide. Our team will be in touch with you to secure this in advance of your tour.

Our experience continually confirms that it takes groups longer to organize and arrive at a start location than they might think. As such, please advise your group’s attendees to arrive at the start location 20 minutes prior to the event’s departure time. For example: Please arrive by 9:10 am for a 9:30 am time slot.

Our tours operate like carefully choreographed food and drink ballets! Because we have hot food and drinks waiting for us, all tours depart on time and we do not wait for late arrivals. If you are running late, please call our office and we will catch you up to the tour guide. We will not be able to save or provide “make-up” tastings for late guests.

Please visit our general FAQs.

Send us an email and contact us!

Why Choose Savor Seattle Food Tours?

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