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5 of the Best Brunch Spots in Seattle

There’s a certain sort of “feeling” that November evokes. Fall is in full swing, there’s vibrant colors everywhere and the air has a distinct and comforting crispness to it. It’s also the month where we express our gratitude for who and what we have in our lives. When it’s time to kick back and spend some quality time with those family and friends we love, it’s always better done with good food! And in our opinion, brunch is the perfect meal to share in the company of loved ones. The late morning/early afternoon is a serene, relaxing time in which some amazing food (and drinks!) can be savored while bonding with those who are most important to us. So, in celebration of this month of thanks (and of course, good food, which we are always celebrating) here are our top 5 favorite brunch spots to make some fantastic, delicious memories with the special people in your life.

Frol!k Kitchen+Cocktails

Brunch with an amazing view, anyone? Located on the 5th floor of the hotel Motif Seattle, Frol!k Kitchen+Cocktails is the very definition of swanky and sleek. The ambiance is youthful, modern, edgy, and just plain gorgeous. The large, rectangular tables have flames shooting up and it’s the kind of place that makes you say “whoa” when you enter. This rooftop hotel bar is the complete package – amazing food, jaw-dropping stylish décor, knockout skyline views, and as they put it themselves, “a true social experience.” You and your crew can select from an expansive brunch menu (served 8:00 am -3:00 pm on Saturdays and Sundays) and then savor it all high above the ground, amidst the breathtaking Seattle skyline.

So, let’s talk about that brunch menu. First off, it’s HUGE. Eggs, pancakes and so much more. Try the brioche French toast, buttermilk pancakes, cast iron egg frittata, or for a little taste of classic PNW flair, the wild salmon cake benedict. For those more inclined toward the “lunch” part of brunch, try the bratwurst “Seattle dog” or the cheeseburger and fries with Frol!k’s own sauce. And drinks! Oh my, there’s a lot! Specialty cocktails include Pear Ginger Mule, Peruvian Cosmo, and Italian Afternoon (aperol, blood orange soda, sparkling rose). There’s also an incredible selection of beer and wine. There is indoor seating, but try for a table on the spacious outdoor patio complete with plenty of heaters to keep you toasty. Class it up a bit and come frolick at Frol!k with your friends and fam!

Frolik Seattle

Tilikum Place Cafe

Nestled in Belltown, Tilikum Place Café is a cozy little brick walled European style bistro serving up some eclectic items and putting a European spin on contemporary American dishes. And guys, their brunch menu is so interesting! We seriously can’t get over it. Almost everything on it is insanely unique and we’re certain it’s ALL delicious. So, let’s start with our favorite – Dutch babies. What the heck are those, you say? Dutch babies are basically the world’s most delicious type of pancake. They’re dense and you can pick from classic (lemon and powdered sugar), sweet (apples, cinnamon, dulce de leche) or savory (Italian chicken sausage, cherry tomatoes and mozzarella). Delish! And the list of unique eats just literally goes on and on: Moroccan chickpea soup, sardine sandwich with tapenade, arugula, & roasted tomatoes, or try the baked eggs with butternut squash, goat cheese, caramelized onions, and poblano chile cream bread crumbs. We would basically have to type out their whole menu if we wanted to list all of the super unique things you can eat there. But friends, the secret is out—everyone knows this place is full of the tasties; so, without reservations, plan to wait a reallyyyy long time for seats. Make your reservation conveniently using their website, go for 2 weeks in advance and you should be good to go. Brunch is served Saturdays and Sundays, from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm. This place is a foodie’s dream and you’d be nuts to miss it!

Toulouse Petit Kitchen & Lounge 

The Big Easy has found Seattle! Toulouse Petit Kitchen & Lounge is Seattle’s favorite Cajun-creole joint known for delicious New Orleans inspired cuisine. The interior is cozy and welcoming (dozens of votive candles are lit every night) and as vibrant and rich as the décor is, the food is even more so. Voted 5th most popular restaurant in the nation by TripAdvisor, this place is clearly doing creole food right. The fresh seafood options are endless, as is the never-ending cocktail list. (As an aside, they are known as one of Seattle’s favorite happy hour spots). Brunch is served from 8:00 am – 3:00 pm on weekends, and reservations are highly recommended (and can be made directly on their site). Try the spicy creole andouille hash, the Cajun meatloaf and eggs with tasso gravy or the croque Madame sandwich. Lunch options include crispy fried chicken gumbo soup, creole grilled king salmon, and to-die-for authentic po’ boys. Wash it all down with a drink from their (ridiculously long) cocktail list. Sip a bloody Mary made with creole salt or a Madame Toulouse (grapefruit vodka, peach puree, and sparkling wine). We also have to let you in on a tasty secret– this place has Seattle’s best beignets (warm, deep-fried dough covered with powdered sugar). Get there and stuff your face with all things tasty and New Orleans-y!

Biscuit Bitch 

You can probably guess by the name that this is a no-nonsense type of place. Biscuit Bitch is a little gem boasting a “trailer park to table” philosophy where everything is homemade, filling, and reasonably priced. With 3 locations in downtown Seattle, it’s a funky, down-to-earth coffeehouse serving up southern inspired fare with a side of good ol’ Southern hospitality. This is the kind of place where you feel like you’re at home and locals and tourists mingle seamlessly and your group will love it, no matter who you bring. Try biscuits and gravy, a southern classic offered here multiple way, such as the “Hot Mess Bitch” (biscuits and gravy, eggs and garlic grits smothered in cheese, with grilled Louisiana hot link and jalapenos). There’s also the “Bitchwich” (biscuit sandwich with eggs, cheddar and choice of meat) or the “Nutty Bitch” (biscuit, Nutella, banana and whipped cream).  And they also offer their own coffee blend called the “Bitch Blend,” which is “sassy, bold, and tart.” Yup, we totally believe that. This is the perfect place to gather with family and friends for a non-fancy, homey, totally yummy brunch experience. Go on, y’all!


Lola is a Tom Douglas restaurant and a classy staple of the Seattle dining scene. A vibrant eatery that uses fresh, local ingredients to make spectacular Greek-inspired dishes, Lola offers an ah-mazing brunch menu, served on the weekends from 7:00 am – 3:00 pm. Your family and friends can indulge in some delicious Mediterranean eats such as a Greek scramble (eggs, lamb sausage, peppers, feta, and smashed garlic fried potatoes), lamb burgers, a variety of kebobs (lamb, pork, squid, and salmon), and cumin spiced lamb shawarma. We’re particularly diggin’ Tom’s Favorite—a dish of Mediterranean octopus, onions, sweet potato, radicchio, kale and a soft poached egg. Quench your thirst with a house made spicy bloody Mary or a ginger mint spritzer. This brunch menu is seriously unique and seriously tasty. Expect perfection on a plate.

Lola Food

Our city is bursting with brunchy goodness! We hope we’ve inspired you to meet up with your loved ones and enjoy some of this deliciousness while you talk, laugh, make memories, and appreciate each other during this special season of family, friends, and gratitude.

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