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Spooky Seattle: Tricks and Treats

Fall is one of our favorite times of year. The weather is crisp, the leaves are gorgeous, that distinct “fall smell” is in the air, and you can sip hot chocolate while relaxing in a comfy hoodie and boots. As great as all those things are, undoubtedly, the most fun thing about fall is Halloween! And Halloween is an awesome time to be in Seattle. People don the best costumes, there’s free candy (you know we’re always in it for the food), and there are tons of parties! Let’s start our Seattle Halloween tour by checking out a few spookily spectacular events:

See a Performance of Dracula

Fangs. Bloodsucking. Coffins. Is there anything more classically Halloween than vampires? The Wade James Theater in North Seattle is putting on an adaptation of Bram Stoker’s Dracula from October 12th through October 22nd. Performances will run Thursday – Sunday and general admission tickets are $20. Looking for the perfect date night or friend get-together activity with a Halloween flair? We can’t possibly imagine anything more fitting than attending a performance about the world’s most famous bloodsucker.

Thrills, Chills & Chocolate

We’re really psyched about this one because it combines two of our loves—Halloween and FOOD. Cue the Seattle Chocolates Haunted Factory Tour. During the evenings of October 19th – 28th, walk the factory’s shadowy interior to uncover mysterious chocolate secrets. You’ll search for hidden clues to find a secret treasure…but beware the lurking spirits! It’s a Halloween event offering thrills, chills (and chocolate) for the whole family. Tickets are $10/adults and $5/children ages 8-12.

haunted factory

Take a Haunted Trek…If You Dare

What’s Halloween without haunted trails and houses? Nightmare at Beaver Lake takes you on a creep-tastic ¾ mile walk through spooky trails that lead to a haunted house maze. You’ll have to dodge all sorts of otherworldly beings on your trek, including zombies, vampires, ghosts, and more! This event runs on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from October 13th – 31st. There’s a toned-down version for families ($12/ticket) and a version meant to scare the pants off of adults ($20/ticket). Feeling brave?

And friends, wow, there are literally SO. MANY. MORE. EVENTS. Waaaaaay too much Halloweeny-ness for us to cover here. Browse The Stranger’s Halloween Calendar for a full listing of all the eerie fun happening around Seattle this Halloween season.

Time to switch gears and talk about some fun bars for Halloween-inspired imbibement. If you wanna relax and have some amazing drinks at a surreal bar, then have we got some ideas for you!

scary picture


Ever heard of coulrophobia? It’s a fear of clowns. And if you’ve got it, then Shorty’s may not be the place for you. Located in Belltown, Shorty’s is certainly, well, unique. A faded striped awning covers the entrance, and as you enter, you are greeted by unsettling clown faces that stare at you from all angles of the dimly lit bar. The antiquated circus décor, complete with disturbing clown murals, help create an eerie vibe. The ambiance may be a bit sinister, but the hotdogs are amazing. Try a spicy pepper cheese dog or a German sausage and kraut dog. Kick back with the creepy clowns and enjoy the full-service bar. Lovers of clowns and all things weird will totally adore this place. And obviously, it’s just perfect for Halloween.

woman pouring drink

The Pine Box

The Pine Box. If the name makes you think of a coffin, well, you’re spot on. This bar’s creep factor lies in its history, not its current ambiance. The Pine Box, located in Capitol Hill, was a former funeral home, and most famously, hosted Bruce Lee’s funeral in 1973. The bar and tabletops are made from wood reclaimed from the building’s century-old urn vaults, which, combined with its history, help to give this place a very macabre vibe. This funeral home-turned-bar has an amazing selection of mostly dark beer (33 taps, to be exact) and some pretty awesome salads, sandwiches and pizza. With a daily happy hour menu (3 – 6 pm) with things like house made pretzels and pulled pork tacos, this place is just the perfect mix of delicious and spooky.

OK guys, let’s be real. All this other Halloween stuff is fantastic and fun, but Halloween is all about the candy! And we’re not talking about some crusty old candy corn. Seattle is home to the some of the best candy stores in the world, and since Halloween is a perfectly acceptable time to put yourself into a candy coma, check out our top 3 picks for where to snag yourself some of Seattle’s best sweets:

historic bar seattle

Fran’s Chocolates

Fran’s Chocolates are the most mouthwatering, delicious chocolates you can imagine. So delicious in fact, that they were a favorite of Barack and Michelle Obama, and were served in the Oval Office during their administration. The chocolatey possibilities are endless—from decadent truffles, candy bars, chocolate covered fruit and nuts, and of course, salted caramels, their best-selling confection. These chocolates are so darn good we just have to take visitors to them on our Chocolate Indulgence Tour. You literally cannot go wrong with any selection you make, and we totally don’t blame you for not wanting to share these amazing chocolates with trick or treaters!

Rocket Fizz

Ever heard the expression, “like a kid in a candy store”? Well, we imagine a store like Rocket Fizz was the inspiration for that. This store literally looks like every kid’s dream. There. Is. Candy. Everywhere. Talk about a sugar rush! Chocolate, lollipops, gummy candies, and every other candy under the sun. If it exists, this store has it. It will feel like you died and went to Candy Heaven.  Shhh…. we promise we won’t tell your dentist.

Kid's candy store

Sweet Mickey’s

Sweet Mickey’s is a nostalgic candy shoppe that was opened as a tribute to Grandma Mickey, the owner’s grandmother who owned a beloved bakery/candy shop in St. Louis, MO. This quaint shop offers all sorts of sweet satisfaction. Try some homemade fudge (how does vanilla fudge with a praline and pecan center sound?), licorice, chocolate truffles, or bulk candy such as jelly beans, cherry sour balls and mint malt balls. No tricks here—Sweet Mickey’s is nothing but treat!

So, there you have it—your quick guide to the best candy, bars, and Halloween events in Seattle. Halloween in Seattle is always a hit, so don’t let this awesome time of year pass you by. Put on that costume you’ve been dying to wear since July (don’t lie), get out there, eat some candy, have a blast, and make some super fun Halloween-y memories!

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