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Weekly Round-Up December 21st – 23th: Christmas!

Gather around the table for a Christmas dinner to remember!

Christmas is right around the corner, and we can’t wait to celebrate with you. This week’s Iconic Market Box has been curated to make this year’s Christmas Dinner one to remember. From Beecher’s mac n’ cheese to panettone from Macrina Bakery, you will feel the joy and warmth of the holidays with each bite! Curious about the items featured in this box? Read more about these awesome small Seattle food businesses below!

Frank’s Quality Produce

When it comes to fruits and vegetables, there is no better place than Frank’s Quality Produce, located at the Corner Market Building of Pike Place Market. Three generations of the Genzale family have had a presence in the Pike Place Market, starting with Frank “Cheech” Genzale in 1928, and now Frank Jr., the current owner and operator of Franks’s Quality Produce. Locals choose this stall not just for the quality of produce, but because of the people that make this stall so special. It is not uncommon to find team members recommending recipes or describing flavors of veggies unfamiliar to those passing by. It is that kind of service that keeps locals loyal to their small business, and why we love working with this amazing family-owned operation.

Each week, Iconic Market Boxes include a box of produce, curated by Frank Jr. and his team. The produce changes based on availability and seasonality, ensuring that our customers get the best produce available – oftentimes much fresher and better than what can be found at the grocery store! Follow Frank’s Quality Produce on Instagram @franksqualityproduce.

Corfini Gourmet

Though technically not a business within the Pike Place Market, Corfini Gourmet is not your ordinary distributer. This chef-driven company supplies the meat and seafood to some of the most well- recognized restaurants and shops in the city! Based in Seattle, their customers consider them to be a leading distributer amongst their peers for clean beef, pork, poultry, lamb and game programs. They are also able to provide customers dry-aged products with the use of their unique dry-aging facility that is one of the largest in the Pacific Northwest.

Corfini Gourmet really came through for us this Christmas, providing each Iconic Market Box with a 2-pound Nugget Ham from Carlton Farms. These mini hams are equally cute as they are delicious. Carlton Farms is well known in the region for their superior pork products, meaning good eating for everyone around the dinner table this holiday season. Follow Corfini Gourmet on Instagram @corfini_gourmet.

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese is easily one of the most well known brands born from Pike Place Market. Known for their long lines for mac and cheese and large viewing windows enabling passersby to view daily cheese-making, it is a no-brainer that we have been working with this business from the first day of Savor Seattle’s food tour operations, over thirteen years ago.

Started by Kurt Beecher Dammeier, the Pike Place Market location opened in 2003 and has since expanded to the Flat Iron District in New York City and even to Monroe, Wisconsin. Eating food without harmful additives or preservatives is critical to Kurt and is even part of the company’s credo: “Beecher’s Handmade Cheese makes foods only with ingredients we trust, are proud of, and would eat ourselves. It’s just authentic and original food, full of flavor.”

This week Beecher’s has provided an incredibly special item to add to your Christmas dinner menu – their World’s Best Mac and Cheese. The amazing mac and cheese uses penne pasta noodles to capture and hold the melty gooeyness of their Flagship and Just Jack cheese. A fan favorite in Pike Place Market, this dish will provide a delightful dance on your tastebuds. Follow Beecher’s Handmade Cheese on Instagram @beecherscheese.

Truffle Queen

The tastiest little shop in Pike Place Market, Truffle Queen was started by Rei Hanscomb in 2003 as “La Buona Tavola” (The Good Table, in Italian) and recently rebranded as Truffle Queen to better convey their line of products and allow for the reveal of Rei’s own private label truffle products. Having a classically trained chef for a mother and a sister-in-law who married into an Italian truffle hunting family, it was only natural that Rei’s passion is to share delicious things whenever she discovers them. The shop has been a space where visitors can discover and learn all about truffles and how easy it is to use them in ways to make everyday a little more gourmet.

Iconic Market Boxes include white truffle oil from Truffle Queen. Turn any dish from mundane to gourmet with just a few drops of this flavorful and fragrant oil. We found that truffle pairs extremely well with mac n’ cheese. Please note that the white truffle oil is omitted from Classic size versions of the Iconic Market Box. Follow Truffle Queen on Instagram @trufflequeen.

Michou Gourmet Deli

A favorite among the crafts vendors, artists and pretty much everyone who works in Pike Place Market, Michou World Class Deli makes its usual appearance in this week’s iconic Market Box. Michou’s bounty of panini-style sandwiches, soups, dips, desserts, and salads are beloved for their use of great quality ingredients, and lines are common in the morning and during the lunch rush. 

This week Michou Deli has provided their Emerald Kale Salad in two different sizes: 24 ounces for “The Works” size boxes and 12 ounces for “Classic” size boxes. Follow Michou Deli on Instagram @michoudeli.

Sidhu Farms

This is a favorite among folks who have purchased a Market Favorites Box! Kamal Sidhu is a second-generation farmer. His father purchased acreage in the Puyallup Valley in the 1990s. Kamal’s father originally wanted to develop the land for homes, however the previous owners had planted a field of berries on part of the land. His family collected the berries and quickly sold them at the local farmers’ market, surprised to see such demand for fresh berries. Shortly thereafter, they went to sell their berries at Pike Place Market and the rest is history. “We’re going to be rich!” laughed Kamal as he described his dad’s reaction after the first day at Pike Place Market. Their family still lives on their original plot of land and have since expanded their berry farm and production by planting more trees, buying additional land, and getting the whole family involved.

Sidhu Farms is also regularly active in the local farmer’s market community circuit, frequently present in farmers markets in both King and Pierce counties. They sell a variety of fresh berries based on the season and preserve the rest, ensuring as little waste as possible. 

You will love their raspberry jam included in this week’s Iconic Market Box. It is low in sugar and does not use any artificial sweeteners or preservatives. In fact, it is simply fruit – containing 80% more than traditional jams. Use this jam to enhance your thumbprint cookies to really impress Santa with some Pacific Northwest flavors. Follow Sidhu Farms on Instagram @sidhufarms.

Macrina Bakery

Leslie Mackey’s Macrina Bakery is a Seattle favorite when it comes to the humble bread loaf. Not only are there multiple bakery and café locations throughout the city, but her products are also available in local fine food retailers and groceries as well. Chef Mackey’s love for bread and the communion that happens when food is shared is where the bakery’s philosophy is based on, which is why their stores have community spaces that are important to the bakery’s success. 

You are in for a real treat with the works size Iconic Market Box: Panettone from Macrina Bakery! Panettone is a wonderful baked bread, and traditionally enjoyed during Christmas. Whereas many found in big box stores are imported, this panettone was locally baked right here in the Emerald City. Please note that Panettone is omitted in Classic size boxes. Follow Macrina Bakery on Instagram @macrinabakery.

The Confectional

One of the sweetest destinations in Pike Place Market, The Confectional specializes in mini-cheesecakes and catches the eye of most who walk by the humble bakery and stand in the center of Pike Place Market. Owners Destiny and Paul became best friends in college and have taken the world of confections by storm, creating cheesecakes and other delightful, sweet treats that people line up to try. Their work has been recognized by The Food Network, the Cooking Channel and even Whoopi Goldberg is known to be a big fan.

The Confectional has included the prettiest peppermint bark you will ever see – their Tuxedo Peppermint Holy Crack. Called crack because of the cracking of the bark after setting, this delicious confection is equally addicting. Don’t worry though, eating too much of it won’t put you on the Naughty List. Follow The Confectional on Instagram @theconfectional.

Theo Chocolate or McSteven’s

Located in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood, Theo Chocolate has long been a leader in the realm of bean-to-bar chocolate making. The business started producing chocolate in 2006 and was the first organic, fair trade certified chocolate maker in North America. Their commitment to high quality ingredients and making sure farmers receive a living wage for their work is evident by their work.

A purveyor of fine and gourmet gifts, McSteven’s has been in the business of bringing smiles to those who receive their gifts for over 35 years. Though the business was started in Portland, Oregon, they now call Washington state home in Vancouver, WA. Christmas has always been an important holiday for the company, and is evident in the historic cocoa tin collection!

This week’s Christmas themed Iconic Market Box is made complete with Gourmet Hot Chocolate, either from Theo Chocolate or McSteven’s. Whichever brand of hot chocolate you receive, we are sure you will enjoy every sip. Simple to prepare, enjoy in your favorite mug while watching your favorite Christmas movie this Christmas eve. Follow Theo Chocolate on Instagram @theochocolate and McSteven’s @mcstevenscocoa.

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