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Couples Activities in Seattle

Couples Activities in Seattle

When it comes to couple activities, Paris may be the City of Love but we like to think that Seattle is a close second.

With our appreciation for colorful umbrellas, proclivity for bakeries, and love of cozy cafes, there are quite a few parallels that can be drawn between France’s capital and our own Emerald City.

One more similarity — Seattle is packed with romantic activities for couples!

6 Unforgettable Couples Activities in Seattle

Whether it’s reminiscing over artisan beer, sharing laughs on a chocolate tour, or trying something new together (like making sushi), Seattle has something for every couple.

1. Kindle the Romance on a Private Chocolate Tour

According to a study by the U.S. Travel Association, 70% of couples who travel together believe that weekend trips and travel “inspires romance.” So why not do a little wanderlusting of your own this weekend?

Grab your significant other and sign up for a private chocolate tour in Downtown Seattle.

Even if you’re a local, joining a private tour will help you see your city through new eyes and will kindle a deeper appreciation for the place you and your partner call home.

For example, did you know the Obamas’ favorite chocolate is made right here in Seattle? Taste it yourself on Savor Seattle’s romantic chocolate tour!

2. Ride the Water Taxi to Alki Beach for a Sunset Stroll

Seattle’s adjacency to the Puget Sound means that you will never lack for gorgeous beach views and salty sea air during your romantic couple outing.

Take full advantage of Seattle’s water access by cruising across Elliot Bay on the West Seattle Water Taxi. Just head down to Pier 50 and grab a couple of tickets for the ferry.

Once you’ve touched down at Seacrest Park, watch the sunset reflect off of Seattle’s iconic skyline and then walk around the point for a stroll down Alki Beach. Here you will find many couples activities, including bonfires on the beach, delicious eats from Pegasus Pizza & Pasta, and late-night espressos from Ampersand Cafe.

3. Learn to Make Sushi With Chef Fumiko

Are you in the mood for trying something new? Chef Fumiko’s sushi classes are a highly-rated couple activity in Seattle.

Born in Japan, Chef Fumiko mastered the art of sushi making at Tokyo Sushi Academy. She has been a Seattle resident for over 20 years and her Japanese cuisine classes are big hits among locals and travelers alike!

If you and your significant other enjoy stepping outside of your comfort zone, Chef Fumiko’s cooking classes make a romantic (and savory) activity.

4. Volunteer in One of Seattle’s Green Spaces as a Couple

Despite being America’s fastest-growing city, Seattle has still managed to maintain large parks throughout the city. These green spaces host a wide variety of things to do for couples, including miles of picturesque walking trails and rewarding volunteer opportunities.

Not only will volunteering help you feel more connected to the city you call home, but studies have also found that married couples who volunteer together are more likely to stay married!

So take your pick of Seattle’s romantic parks and spend a rewarding afternoon volunteering with your significant other. Once you’re done, watch the sunset from Golden Gardens Park or visit Gas Works Park for a picnic dinner with a view of the city skyline.

5. Roam Seattle on a Donut Crawl

Seattle’s flourishing donut culture has really hit a stride in recent years, with donut shops popping up in every corner of the city. What better way to spend your date night than by sauntering around Downtown and sampling the massive range of donut flavors!

Whatever your preferences, there is something for everyone — from mochi-donut combinations to cookie-crumble, cereal-packed donut hybrids. And in true Seattle style, most of our donut bakeries proudly use locally-sourced, organic ingredients.

Must-visit bakeries to add to your donut crawling couple outing include Donut Factory, Mighty-O Donuts, Top Pot Doughnuts, Dochi, and Raised Doughnuts.

6. Go Beer Tasting at a Local Brewing Company

In addition to coffee and donuts, Seattle is also recognized as one of the nation’s leading centers for artisan breweries and craft beers. With 174 breweries spread across the city, we rank #1 in the US for having the most beer-makers within city limits.

If you or your significant other are beer lovers, go brewery-hopping for your next couple activity!

Not sure where to start? During your date, make sure you stop by Stoup Brewing, Georgetown Beer, Cloudburst Brewing, or Fremont Brewing locations to swap stories and laughs with some of Seattle’s top beer chemists.

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