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Election Hangover Box Partner Round-Up

Feeling hungover from all the election fever? Get over it with our Election hangover cure.

No matter what the outcome of Election Night is, it’s likely you will be nursing a wicked hangover if you did things right! Here is a closer look at everything you will need to get through the next morning like a champ. Because every vote counts, we want to make an investment into the future. $5.00 of every box sold will be donated to Rock the Vote, building political power for young voters. 

Two large buttery biscuits (or biscuit mix) – Honest Biscuits

Art Stone was 4 years old when he learned how to make biscuits with his grandmother back in his home state of North Carolina. As an adult, he found himself on vacation in Seattle’s Pike Place Market and fell in love with the artisan craft food scene. After that trip he returned home, quit his job as an administrative judge, and perfected his grandmother’s biscuit recipe, which is open for all to try today at Honest Biscuits. Their extra-large size makes them perfect as a sandwich bun, and its soft yet dense layers soak up any sauces, honey, or jam without getting soggy or overly messy. 

Two buttery southern style biscuits are included in the local delivery version of our Election Hangover box. Simply warm and enjoy the flakey buttery biscuit with your Bloody Mary. Don’t forget to add the honey! In the shippable version of this box, you will find Honest Biscuit’s biscuit mix. Directions are included to bake your own biscuits, giving you a taste of Pike Place Market right at home. Follow Honest Biscuits on Instagram @honestbiscuits.

Strawberry jam – Sidhu Farms

This is a favorite among folks who have purchased a Market Favorites Box! Kamal Sidhu is a second-generation farmer. His father purchased acreage in the Puyallup Valley in the 1990s. Kamal’s father originally wanted to develop the land for homes, however the previous owners had planted a field of berries on part of the land. His family collected the berries and quickly sold them at the local farmers’ market, surprised to see such demand for fresh berries. Shortly thereafter, they went to sell their berries at Pike Place Market and the rest is history. “We’re going to be rich!” laughed Kamal as he described his dad’s reaction after the first day at Pike Place Market. Their family still lives on their original plot of land and have since expanded their berry farm and production by planting more trees, buying additional land, and getting the whole family involved.

Sidhu Farms is also regularly active in the local farmer’s market community circuit, frequently present in farmers markets in both King and Pierce counties. They sell a variety of fresh berries based on the season and preserve the rest, ensuring as little waste as possible. You will love their raspberry jam included in both versions of the Election Hangover box. It is low in sugar and does not use any artificial sweeteners or preservatives. In fact, it is simply fruit – containing 80% more than traditional jams. Follow Sidhu Farms on Instagram @sidhufarms.

Blackberry honey – Sunny Honey Co.

Anne Smith has not only worked in the Pike Place Market for many years, she built a business from the ground up within it. She is an expert in honey, having spent many years as a beekeeper, starting with two beehives– one behind her Capitol Hill apartment and the other in her best friend’s backyard in Georgetown. She later spent time in Whatcom County as a pollinator and started her company, Sunny Honey Company in 2010. By 2014, she was invited to be a permanent stall in Pike Place Market, and business has been sweet ever since. 

Sunny Honey’s Blackberry Honey is included in both versions of the Election Hangover box. Slather the thick and sweet honey on your buttery biscuits for a delicious taste of the Pacific Northwest with a southern twist. Follow Sunny Honey Co. on Instagram @sunnyhoneyco.

Pretty Alright cocktail napkins – Savor Seattle

If you are reading this blog, you probably know a little about Savor Seattle and what we are all about. From our humble roots in the Pike Place Market serving joy through our food and cultural tours, to bringing the Market experience directly to you through our Ionic Market Boxes – it has been one heck of a ride. If your not as familiar with our journey so far, take it from our CEO and founder Angela Shen in the video below:

Each Election Hangover Box comes with 2 Pretty Alright cocktail napkins, each with their own humorous and somewhat truthful statements. We just loved this cocktail napkin and thought why not share it with our amazing customers?! Keep them handy for wine spills or if you just need something to cry into. If you don’t already, follow us on Instagram @SavorSeattle. 

Two pre-mixed Bloody Marys (or Demitri’s Bloody Mary Seasoning) – Gourmondo Catering.

What started as a simple, four-table lunch haven in the Pike Place Market over 24 years ago, Gourmondo Co. has become Seattle’s largest and longest running women-owned catering and boxed-lunch company. Lead by Alissa Leinonen, she launched Gourmondo Co. with the vision of creating a business that offers high quality, fresh and seasonally grown ingredients from local farmers and purveyors, all the while infusing her deep personal and professional commitment to family and to the importance of giving back to her team and to the community. This philosophy is at the core of Gourmondo’s daily strategy and is incorporated into all aspects of the company. Gourmondo achieves this with generous philanthropic donations and partnerships, family-friendly production schedules, family meals for all employees, opportunities for development within the company, and mentoring at-risk youth to help them thrive. 

It is common knowledge that a cure to a killer hangover is a Bloody Mary in the morning. The same goes for political elections! Our awesome and amazing friends at Gourmondo Catering has hooked it up with two pre-mixed Bloody Marys, included in each Election Hangover box (local delivery versions only). For those who order the shippable version, we hooked it up with Demitri’s Bloody Mary Seasoning (if only we could ship alcohol!) so you can make your perfect Bloody Mary at home. Follow Gourmondo Co. on Instagram @Gourmondoco.

Hot Himalayan pink salt rimshot (& spicy meat sticks) – Sriracha

Once only found in Pho restaurants, Sriracha – the spicy dipping sauce – is now a household item in refrigerators now across the country. The origin of the sauce is debated, but Americans can thank Huy Fong Foods in southern California for making and popularizing the tasty sauce, recognizable by its green-tipped bottle and signature rooster logo. Sriracha is often used as a dipping sauce for thinly sliced meats, added into soups and noodles, or pretty much anything that can use a little bit of heat. The sauce’s success has become a pop cultural phenomenon, recognized as a major contribution to Asian-American food culture. You can find many sriracha-inspired items today – from rooster sauce-shaped piggy banks, sriracha flavored potato chips and even pillows!

Both versions of the Election Hangover box include a Sriracha Hot Himalayan pink salt rimshot. The large and flat surface makes it easy to apply this spicy salt to your Bloody Mary glass. Just wet the rim before you drink for a nice spicy kick! If you ordered the shippable version of the Election Hangover box, it will also include sriracha spicy meat sticks as an extra add-on to complete your ultimate Bloody Mary! 

Garlic and dill cocktail stirrers – Sable & Rosenfeld

Sable & Rosenfeld have been leaders in the gourmet food and condiments business since the 1970s and continue to create great tasting gourmet items. Originally started in Toronto, Canada by Myra Sable and Carol Rosenfeld, the business venture grew from their kitchens to retail outlets in some of Canada’s premier department stores. By 1977, they sought to move into manufacturing and by the mid-90s the goal was to break into the US markets. Fast forward to today, their products are featured in over 3,000 retails outlets across North America and are considered one of the best at what they do. 

Both versions of our Election Hangover box come with 2 garlic and dill cocktail stirrers from Sable & Rosenfeld to complete your Bloody Mary experience. Each stirrer included comes pre-skewered with a dill pickle, red pepper, olive, and carrot. The additional touch will not only make your Bloody Mary Instagram-worthy but enhance the flavor too!

Broadway Blend whole bean coffee – Urban City Coffee

If you are a coffee lover (as so many of us are in Seattle), we’re excited to introduce you to Urban City Coffee. This awesome brand is all about representing Seattle’s love for coffee culture through their premium roasts and robust flavor and body. The artwork on each bag of Urban City coffee is delightfully artful and hard to miss, as it is inspired by Seattle’s bright and vibrant culture.  The brand is part of a larger umbrella of local coffee producer Fulcrum Coffee, which we featured in our Hispanic Heritage Box a few weeks ago. If you were lucky to enjoy that coffee, then you can be sure to love Urban City.  

The Election Hangover box also comes with a bag of Broadway Blend whole bean coffee. This delightful and aromatic, medium-bodied blend with notes of jasmine, hazelnut and nectarine. Just grind, prepare and pour into your favorite coffee cup for a taste of the beautiful Emerald City. Follow Urban City Coffee on Instagram @urbancitycoffee. 

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