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Honest Biscuits – “It’s Like Coming Home” – Grand Opening Today in Pike Place Market (June 16, 2015)

Mmm, can you smell the aroma? Can you see the steam lifting off the biscuit? You guessed it, that’s the warm fragrant smell of Honest Biscuits. Nothing like a good ‘ole down home delight, and that’s exactly what Art Stone, owner of Honest Biscuits, was aiming for. As a child, Art spent time with his grandmother, Granny Pearl, who lived on a farm in rural North Carolina. There he learned what good Southern cooking was about and all the love that’s put behind it.

What makes Honest Biscuits absolutely and utterly delicious? Well, for starters the ingredients are key. If there’s one thing Art learned best from his granny it’s that nothing good can come from mediocre ingredients. So he uses only the best: Shepherd’s Grain wheat (who uses sustainable farming methods that are good for both the environment and the economy), Smith Brother’s milk (which uses organic grass fed dairy), and many more local businesses including Pike Place Market favorites like Bavarian Meats, Uli’s Sausage, and Beecher’s Cheese.

You won’t be disappointed with the menu as Art provides a myriad of biscuits to choose from including old time favorites, The MacGregor and Butterhole, as well as seasonal specials and even gluten free! Yes, that’s right… Art Stone has a little something for everyone.

When you visit Honest Biscuits, you’ll get the feeling that you’re back home in Granny Pearl’s kitchen. That’s because after 3.5 years of bouncing around from stall to stall, they now have a permanent spot in the Market Atrium. One of the things Art loves about Pike Place Market is the sense of community and sense of place.

“Everybody supports one another. It’s like coming home.”

We’re excited to have Honest Biscuits on our partner list and as part of our VIP Tour because they really are honest to goodness, kick-ass biscuits!

Make sure to give Honest Biscuits some love on their GRAND OPENING DAY:

Tuesday, June 16, 2015
93 Pike Street in the Atrium of the Economy Building (corner of Pike Street and 1st Ave)

For more information visit: www.honestbiscuits.com

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