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New Seattle Restaurants Sure to Make You Drool

Seattle is undoubtedly a delicious city, but every August it seems to really up its game with so many new restaurants opening. We know what you’re thinking––it’s already impossible to choose a place to eat in Seattle, a city filled with so much mouthwatering goodness. And now there’s more choices?! Yup, it’s true, you’ll just need to keep on adding to that list. Here are some of Seattle’s newest, tastiest eateries you just gotta check out.

Ethan Stowell’s Derby

Calling all car (and food) lovers! If Ethan Stowell’s Derby, in Seattle’s SoDo neighborhood, isn’t the very definition of funky and fun, then we don’t know what is. Located inside The Shop, a state of the art club for car and motorcycle enthusiasts, this eclectic restaurant specializes in classic American comfort food, such as BLTs, burgers, and salads. (The car club requires a membership, but don’t worry, the eatery is open to the public). Don’t be fooled–this place is not all classic comfort food. It also offers unique items such as spice rubbed beer nuts, lamb carpaccio, steak tartare, oysters, and poutine. And there’s more: a daily Happy Hour (3pm – 7pm) with its own unique appetizer and drink offerings, including standard beers as well as more fancy drinks, such as the cherry & thyme shrub, lemon, aperol, peychauds, and prosecco blend known as the “Little Red Corvette.” And you get to enjoy all of this while admiring fancy cars–did someone say date night?

Ethan Stowell's Derby

Next Level Burger

If you’re looking for some vegan, plant-based goodness, then you gotta head on over to Next Level Burger, an Oregon-based burger chain serving up organic, GMO-free, responsibly sourced burgers that are seriously redefining the burger experience. They’re committed to serving up food that’s good for people and good for the planet, and we are super honored to be the next city they call home. As of August 25th, Next Level Burger will be delving out their delicious, meatless burgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, and breakfast foods in the Roosevelt Square Whole Foods. Stop by, relax at reclaimed wood tables and enjoy one of their many burgers, such as their signature umami mushroom quinoa patty burger topped with avocado, cheese, and roasted garlic thyme mayo. Chow on some chili fries and wash it all down with one of their hand spun soy or coconut ice cream shakes. It’s healthy, sustainable food at its best, and you’d be crazy to pass it up!

Next Level Burger


Pokéworks is a restaurant dedicated to serving up amazing, Hawaiian-inspired poké using only sustainable, seasonal, natural ingredients. What’s that, you say? You don’t know what poké is? No problem! Poké means to “slice” or “cut” in Hawaiian, so a poké bowl is simply a bowl containing chunks of raw fish, served over rice with vegetables and sauce. This island favorite has become pretty popular on the mainland, and Pokéworks knows just how to serve it. Their menu is the very definition of healthy, fresh and flavorful. Choose from several poké bowls, such as the Hawaiian Classic (ahi tuna, seaweed, cucumber) or the more daring Wasabi Shrimp & Scallops Bowl (shrimp, scallops, masago, wasabi aioli).  Don’t like any of the pre-built options? No sweat. You can build your own poké bowl using their “Poké Your Way” option, where you choose your own base (bowl, burrito, or salad), protein, toppings and sauces. The possibilities (and flavors) are endless! Complement your poké with delicious sides like miso soup, roasted seaweed and mango coco jelly. Check them out at their new Bellevue Seattle location.

The Halal Guys

What began as a humble New York City hot dog cart in 1990, has now evolved into the world-famous restaurant chain known as The Halal Guys, famous for serving up American Halal food, a complex union of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavors. All of their food is sourced and prepared following Islamic dietary Halal guidelines. A diverse and savory menu features gyro sandwiches, platters of chicken/beef with rice, and falafel.

All are served with your choice of toppings and their famous white sauce (you guys, the WHITE SAUCE! We could put it on everthing). Don’t leave without a side of hummus or baba ganouj, and satisfy your sweet tooth with some delicious baklava. We can’t say how psyched we are that this popular international chain is debuting its first Washington state location in Pioneer Square. The lines will be long, but the flavor payoff will be great!

The Halal Guys

Seattle Pops

This amazing place sells only popsicles! How cool (pun totally intended) is that?! Inspired by traditional Mexican paletas (fresh-fruit ices), Seattle Pops has worked hard to create their own unique paletas that are bursting with flavor. They use seasonal, fresh, local ingredients, and their pops never contain artificial colors or flavors. All pops are 100% vegan and gluten-free. You can enjoy fruit based pops such as zesty lime, strawberry lemonade, peach, watermelon, avocado, and blackberry ginger. If creamy pops are more your thing, then try coconut cream, chocolate fudge, kona coffee or cinnamon horchata. No matter your popsicle predilections, there’s something for everyone on this menu. So, head on over to their new Wallingford location on N 45th St in Seattle, and cool off with one of these tasty treats. And it goes without saying, but yeah, this one is perfect for the whole family.

Seattle Pops

And A Few More Tasties…

We wanted to give a quick shout out to a few more new restaurants. Ba Bar, a restaurant serving up delectable Vietnamese street food such as pho, bun bo hue, and bahn nam, just opened its third Seattle location at the University Village shopping mall. Grab a juicy burger and mouthwatering hand-mixed milkshake at Kidd Valley Burgers and Shakes’ new waterfront location on Pier 54–its seventh and largest Seattle location. This location will feature new menu items such as a chicken club sandwich and healthy kids’ meals. Head on over to Otter Bar & Burger for some yummy burgers, soups and salads, while enjoying whimsical airplane-themed décor. And we can’t forget dessert! Sweet Bumpas Ice Cream in Georgetown features 100% homemade ice cream using quality, local ingredients. Taste unique flavors such as blackberry vanilla, cinnamon basil and corn cookie. You can’t go wrong…every flavor is smooth, creamy, and packs an incredible flavor punch.

With all the new Seattle restaurant openings, it’s impossible to cover them all in the delicious detail they so deserve, so be sure to check out Eater Seattle for a full list of all the new restaurant openings to add to your Seattle must-try list. What are you doing still here? Go out to eat!

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