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Omnivorous Party Box Partner Round-Up

Party for a good cause with delicious food from the community!

Each year, Community Roots Housing (formerly Capitol Hill Housing) brings together some of Seattle’s finest bars, restaurants, and distilleries for a night of delicious food and drink in support of their work. With this year’s pandemic and social distancing guidelines in place, the annual event cannot take place in person, meaning the fundraising feast has gone virtual! To help keep the party spirit alive, we helped create the OMNIVOROUS Party Box, which includes tasty local treats from many of the businesses and restaurants that have supported Community Roots Housing throughout previous years of Omnivorous. We hope you enjoy these special treats and thank you for supporting Seattle small food businesses and Community Roots Housing!


Chef Edouardo Jordan has taken the culinary world by storm since his rise to culinary stardom in 2015. After graduating from the University of Florida with degrees in both sports management and business administration, Jordan then attended culinary school and later took on roles here in Seattle at acclaimed restaurants such as Herbfarm and Sitka and Spruce, and was chef de cuisine at Bar Sajor. After opening Salare in the Ravenna neighborhood in 2015, Chef expanded with the incredibly popular Junebaby and Lucinda Grain Bar, earning him two James Beard awards and recognition as one of the top chefs in the country. His focus on shining light on the roots of Southern cuisine is an exploration and acknowledgment of the black community’s culinary contributions to American cuisine. By bringing to light the diversity of the cuisine’s origins, it shifts the lens with which we often associate Southern food and particularly soul food. Junebaby’s website states this idea beautifully: “ Seen through the eyes of most Americans as interior, unsophisticated, and unhealthy, Southern food reflects hard times and resourcefulness and is nothing short of beautiful. It is a cuisine to be respected and celebrated”.

Chef Jordan has provided his deliciously famous pimento cheese in the Omnivorous Party Box. Spread it on bread for a tasty sandwich, or us as a dip (we recommend using the plantain chips included). Follow JuneBaby on Instagram @junebabyseattle.

Marjorie Restaurant

If you are a fan of the Seattle restaurant scene, then you likely already know about Marjorie, Chef Donna Moodie’s Capitol Hill restaurant. One the most popular items on the menu are her plantains, cut thin and fried to the likening of a chip. Both her restaurant and retail plantain brand are named after her mother. Donna wanted to bring to retail a product that was both elegant (like her mother) and perfect as a hostess gift.

Of course, we had to have these plantain chips in the Omnivorous Party Box. Chef Donna recommends replacing crackers and enjoying her plantain chips with pimento cheese, or use them to dip in fresh guacamole or salsa. “I could eat plantains everyday!” she said. Follow Marjorie on Instagram @marjorieseattle.

Osteria La Spiga

Seattle has seen many restaurants come and go over time, but few can claim to have endured twenty plus years in an ever-changing city. That’s exactly what Osteria La Spiga, Capitol Hill’s go-to spot for Northern Italian fare and fabulous late-night cocktails, has done with style. Owners Chef Sabrina Tinsley and her husband Pietro Borghesi celebrated 22 years of the restaurant’s success on October 5th. Chef Sabrina’s passion for food blossomed during college, as she began to start cooking for herself and started to get creative in the kitchen. That led to later spending time traveling the world, where she found her love for Italian cuisine, specifically the food of the Emilia-Romagna region. Chef Sabrina and her husband had run successful businesses in Italy before moving to Seattle, and her talent had been recognized on two different Food Network shows.

In this party box you will find Chef Sabrina’s Roasted Potato, Leek and Saffron soup. This comforting soup is perfect on a rainy day and just in time for the changing of the seasons. Follow Osteria La Spiga on Instagram @osterialaspiga.

Fran’s Chocolate

If you saw Fran Bigelow walking down the street, you might not recognize her as one of the most prominent chocolatiers in the country, but once you meet her in person, her love for chocolate is both clear and passionate, and it is that passion that makes people look to Fran’s Chocolates for their confectionary needs. Originally started in Capitol Hill, her now famous sea salt caramels were created as a small batch to go along other sweet treats at her patisserie and chocolate shop. Little did she know that their popularity would grow, so much so that she is credited for igniting the artisan chocolate renaissance in the United States. Her caramels were served by the Obama administration as gifts to foreign leaders and ambassadors, and were a favorite treat of Michelle Obama. Today, the business is run by her family, who delight in bringing the joys of artisanal chocolate to a store near you.

Your palate will be delighted with a seven-piece box of Fran’s salted caramels. Try not to eat the whole box all at once! Follow Fran’s Chocolates on Instagram @franschocolates.

Café Campagne

A classic destination for a delicious meal in Seattle’s Pike Place Market, Café Campagne is the place to be to celebrate. The kitchen, led by chef and owner Daisley Gordon, recreates the French bistro experience in the alley ways of Seattle’s favorite farmer’s market. Sweet & savory options that take a nod to Parisian cuisine, plus plenty of wine and drinks flowing like the rivers in Burgundy, you won’t forget a meal from this amazing Seattle café. The café has been recently offering takeout options since the pandemic started, and the food is just as enjoyable.

Café Campagne is providing a delightful spread of tasty treats, including pork rillette, pickled veggies, mustard, and crostini. Combined with everything else in this box, you have what can be the ultimate charcuterie board! Follow Café Campagne on Instagram @cafecampagne.

Salt Blade

For Bob Blade, a career in IT just didn’t cut it. After a 10 stint in the professional world, he put down the laptop and picked up the knife, where his passion for food, problem solving (in this case, the global issues facing farming and our food chain), and charcuterie. Salt Blade gets their meat from Olsen Farms in Colville, WA, which practices organic farming practices. After aggressively leaning out the meat and grind it, they gently mix it with spices, fresh ingredients and curing salts. Salamis are stuffed and linked by hand then cured in a temperature-controlled room to finish the curing process. The result is a deeply flavorful salami that is all natural and without artificial preservatives.

Salt Blade has provided their Tuscan Salami for the Omnivorous Party Box. Follow Salt Blade on Instagram @saltblademeats.


Israeli Chef Tomer Shneor has cooked in restaurants in Israel, New York City, Seattle and various parts of Europe. With so many accomplishments, what else could he do? How about starting a natural food business with his wife, Jody Haynes, specializing in hummus and naming it after his mom? That is exactly what he did, and so far, the hummus has been a hit with local customers here in Seattle. What makes Ziva unique to other hummus in the marketplace is that they sprout their garbanzo beans before cooking. This allows the texture to be lighter and fluffier, intensifying the “bean” flavor and increasing the nutrient value. Sold in local farmers markets and specialty retail stores, we are so excited to party with this hummus in the Omnivorous Party Box.

In the Omnivorous Party Box, you will find a tub of Original Hummus. Enjoy! Follow Ziva on Instagram @zivaseattle.

Recipe 33

If you are in need of a healthy, hearty and flavorful snack, look no further than Recipe 33, the brand that is re-innovating the nut industry. The founders, who met as MBA teammates at the University of Washington, wanted to come up with new ideas to improve products we consume every day. To do this, they created their signature infused almonds. Using a unique process to infuse natural flavors into the almonds, you won’t find any artificial seasoning like your traditional snacking nuts.

Find a bag of their black truffle-infused almonds in each Omnivorous Party Box. These almonds are a game-changer, and we are sure you are going to love them! Follow Recipe 33 on Instagram @recipe_33.


Are you a dessert geek? Love Macarons? Then you need to try Macadons, Seattle’s favorite traditional macarons with Asian flair. Based In the White Center neighborhood of Seattle, Macadons (short for Macarons by Donna) claim to fame is putting flavorful and creative twists to the traditional macaron. Flavors such as taro, Durian, Lychee, Green Tea and more are used to give a truly unique and Asian flair to the French cookie, which reflects on Donna’s own Asian heritage.

In the Omnivorous Party Box, Macadons was sure to bring a party to your tastebuds by providing an assortment of macaron flavors, including Strawberry, Salted Caramel. Pistachio, Champagne, Passion Fruit, and Chocolate Hazelnut. Follow Macadons on Instagram @macadons.

Café Avole

Did you know that one of Seattle’s best cups of coffee comes from a café built in a former Rainier Valley convenience store? Owner Solomon Dubie is introducing Ethiopian coffee traditions to Seattle coffee aficionados one cup at a time at Café Avole. Using traditional clay pots, each cup that is produced tastes both clean and strong. The name of the business Is a reference to Ethiopia’s traditional coffee ceremony, The Avole – the first brew of the first pot of coffee.

Café Avole has provided Omnivorous Party Box customers with a bonus voucher for a complimentary espresso drink valid at Café Avole and Central Co-op. Follow Café Avole on Instagram @cafeavole.

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