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Seattle TV Stars Box Partner Round-Up

‘Lights, Camera, Action” – Seattle’s best culinary stars rise for FareStart!

Seattle, Washington is a seriously underrated foodie destination. While it may not immediately conjure up the glamour of Los Angeles or New York City, Seattle isn’t short on its own list of James Beard Award winners and nominees, innovative food businesses, and artisan bakers and chocolatiers. In fact, many have been recognized for their efforts, appearing on TV shows and featured on the Food Network channel. This special edition box brings some of these amazing talented people together, featuring their products and all for a good cause: FareStart’s emergency relief program, which serves meals to those in need, including childcare centers, senior homes, shelters and more.

Want to learn a little more about the amazing talent featured in this box? Read on for more!

Serious Pie


One of the biggest personalities of the Seattle Food Scene, Chef Tom Douglas’s restaurants have helped define just what Pacific Northwest food is all about. Many of Seattle’s prominent chefs have at one point or another has either worked for or looked up to Douglas. He has been seen on Bravo’s Top Chef, had brunch with the late Anthony Bourdain, and even has his own radio show and podcast. But what many don’t realize is how special Pike Place Market is to Tom: his first job in Seattle was at the Café Sport – where Etta’s Seafood Restaurant now stands – on the corner where Pike Place meets Western Avenue. Douglas would be sent out of the kitchen and into Pike Place Market to gather the day’s fresh ingredients, where he got to know many of the vendors and producers at the famous market. It was those relationships which helped build the foundation for much of his success and understanding of what Pacific Northwest food is all about.

At Serious Pie, it’s all about the dough. Prepared in-house using semolina flour, the process takes about 3 days before it’s ready for toppings and then baked. Pizzas are baked in a wood-fire oven, taking about 7 minutes to create a delicious pie. Our TV Stars box includes an exclusive Serious Pie pizza kit which includes a par-baked crust and all the toppings and instructions you need to make a slice of the good life. Follow Serious Pie on Instagram @seriouspieseattle

Oh Mochi Donuts

Are you a gluten-free donut lover on the constant hunt for gluten free donuts in Seattle? Then Oh Mochi Donuts is for you! This exciting treat is the latest creation from Tom Douglas; the team uses rice flour to create these light, sweet and delicious donuts. The donuts became available at Dahlia bakery back in January, however once the statewide shutdown occurred, it was temporarily unavailable. Today, you can pre-order donuts online through the new Serious Take Out Ballard, however they often sell out during pre-order. No need to worry about running out with us, this special Iconic Market Box comes with six donuts made and prepared just for you! Follow Oh Mochi Donuts on Instagram @ohmochidonuts

Osteria La Spiga

Sabrina Tinsley, Chef, pasta, Italian food

Seattle has seen many restaurants come and go over time, but few can claim to have endured twenty plus years of an ever changing city. But then there is Osteria La Spiga, Capitol Hill’s go-to spot for Northern Italian fare and fabulous late-night cocktails. Owners Chef Sabrina Tinsley and her husband Pietro Borghesi will be celebrating 22 years of the restaurant’s success this coming October 5th. Chef Sabrina’s passion for food happened during college when she began to start cooking for herself and started to get creative in the kitchen. That led to later spending time traveling the world, where she found her love for Italian cuisine, specifically the food of the Emilia Romania region. She has been featured in not one but two Food Network shows and her love for food and passion for this particular regional cuisine can be tasted with each dish at Osteria La Spiga – in this box, you too can become a pasta all star! Chef Tinsley’s kit includes pre-made pasta dough sheets, spinach and ricotta filling, butter and sage sauce, Parmigiano Reggiano, a recipe and cooking instructions. Follow Osteria La Spiga on Instagram @osterialaspiga


Did you know that Seattle is home to one of the best food carts in America? That’s right: Big Blue, the name of owners Kamala & Roz’s food truck. Their business Marination sprung from the idea at a dinner party, where owner Kamala’s marinated spicy pork was served, fusing her Korean and Hawaiian heritage and flavors. At the time, Chef Roy Choi’s LA-based Kogi had gained popularity in the food world and had come up in conversation. Next thing they knew, Kamala and Roz were off to LA to find themselves a food truck, and soon Marination was born. Since their start in Seattle, their popularity grew and the business was voted by Good Morning America as the best food cart in America in 2009, a credit to their spicy pork tacos. Their formula of serving “Everyday Aloha” in Seattle has worked well, allowing the business to grow with a few brick-and-mortar locations and two incredible restaurants in West Seattle and Beacon Hill. Follow Marination on Instagram @curb_cuisine

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese is perhaps one of the best-known brands coming out of Pike Place Market. Known for their long lines for Mac & Cheese and large window to view daily cheesemaking, it’s a no-brainer that we have been working with this business from the very beginning. Started by Kurt Beecher Danmier, the Pike Place Market location opened up in 2003 and has since expanded to the Flat Iron district in New York City and Monroe, Wisconsin. Eating food without harmful additives or preservatives is very important to Kurt and is even part of the company’s credo: “Beecher’s Handmade Cheese makes foods only with ingredients we trust, are proud of, and would eat ourselves. It’s just authentic and original food, full of flavor”.

The Flagship Reserve is an elevated version of Beecher’s signature cheese. This version has less moisture and a higher salt content, resulting in a richer flavor and texture while maintaining its signature clean and creamy finish. This cheese is so good that it was a 2019 American Cheese Society award winner. Follow Beecher’s Handmade Cheese on Instagram @beecherscheese

Macrina Bakery

Leslie Mackey’s Macrina Bakery is a Seattle favorite when it comes to the humble bread loaf. Not only are there multiple bakery and café locations throughout the city, her products are available in local fine food retailers and groceries as well. Chef Mackey’s love for bread and the communion that happens when food is shared is where the bakery’s philosophy is based from, which is why their stores have community spaces that are important to the bakery’s success. On the Food Network show Road Tasted, Leslie shared her Lemon Sour Cherry Coffeecake with the hosts, and to the entire country tuning in.

In this box, you’ll devour the cinnamon swirl brioche bread. This soft French loaf is enriched with eggs and a little extra sugar – try it right out of the toaster with a pat of butter, or do your taste buds a real favor and make some over the top French toast with these delicious slices of goodness! You’ll also in for a treat with Macrina’s Rye crostini, thinly sliced bread brushed with olive oil and toasted. Think of these as a very gourmet alternative to crackers – we recommend pairing this with a slice of the Beecher’s Flagship Reserve! Follow Macrina Bakery on Instagram @macrinabakery

Victrola Coffee

If there is one thing that Seattle does not get tired of, it is coffee. One local brand (out of many!) that stands out is Victrola Coffee. Founded in 2000, the small café opened on 15th avenue, at a time when the neighborhood was in need for a space to gather and meet, as well as the need for good coffee. Their name comes from the famous phonograph, and the love of everything jazz is prevalent in their cafe. Since their beginning, they have expanded into roasting their own coffee beans, and have 2 other locations through out the city, including the showcase café in Capitol Hill. Follow Victrola Coffee on Instagram @victrolacoffee

Fran’s Chocolates

If you saw Fran Bigelow walking down the street, you might not recognize her as one of the most prominent chocolatiers in the country, but once you meet her in person, her love for chocolate is both clear and passionate, and it is that passion that makes people look to Fran’s Chocolates for their confectionary needs. Originally started in Capitol Hill, her now famous sea salt caramels were created as a small batch to go along other sweet treats at her patisserie and chocolate shop. Little did she know that their popularity would grow, so much so that she is credited for igniting the artisan chocolate renaissance in the United States. Her caramels were served by the Obama administration as gifts to foreign leaders and ambassadors, and were a favorite treat of Michelle Obama. Today, the business is run by her family, who delight in bringing the joys of artisanal chocolate to a store near you. Your palate will be delighted with 2 almond gold bars, which include toasted almonds paired deliciously with buttery caramel and rich chocolate. Follow Fran’s Chocolates on Instagram @franschocolates

Coro by Salumi

Pioneer Square has long been the home of Salumi, the little meat shop known for its cured meats and local Italian charm. After moving to a larger restaurant location just last year, the business has been able to grow significantly, along with new owners to help the business move into the next generation. Under the new brand name, Coro, CEOs Clara Veniard and Martinique Grigg are pushing the boundaries of salami with new, bold flavors while also allowing more people outside of Seattle to enjoy the experience Salumi has been known for over the last 20 years. A fun bit of background on Coro’s name from their website:

“As members of a broader community of cured meat artisans, we cannot presume to own the word salumi, which is the Italian word for cured meats. We are one of many around the world that make salumi and dedicate ourselves to this craft. Not only should others be able to share in the celebrated word, we also believe it should be easy for our customers to find the product they love. Why Coro? The Italian word for chorus, it is a celebration of the chorus of unique and non-traditional flavors we create in our cured meats and the chorus of voices at Salumi that come together to make it loved. We are two women and longtime friends surrounded by a team of people that share our passion for what we create.”

Visiting this amazing local business is a culinary adventure for anyone visiting Seattle. With Coro, now visitors can not only bring back that experience home, but continue to do so for years to come by purchasing online. Follow Coro on Instagram @corofoods

Woodring Orchards

If you have ever walked under the main arcade at Pike Place Market, you likely have also walked by Woodring Northwest Specialties. Operated by Dale Nelson and his family, Woodring derives its name from the Woodring Canyon in Cashmere, Washington, where Dale first started his business pressing apple cider from his family’s orchard. Now based in Monroe, Washington, Woodring offers a variety of items such as honey, preserves, pickles and more. Woodring sources its fruit from Pacific Northwest farmers and produces everything they make in small batches, ensuring the highest quality for their customers.

Named after Dale Nelson’s son, Parker’s Pickles is a brand created by the Nelson family to expand outside of jellies and preserves. They follow their same commitment of working with local farmers directly to ensure the highest qualities of veggies and guarantee that fresh, tangy, and crunchy taste with every bite. You will love the Parker’s Pickles pickled asparagus, included in this Seattle TV Stars Box. Enjoy them on their own, on eggs benedict, in a Bloody Mary or added to a charcuterie board. Follow Woodring Orchards on Instagram @woodringatpikeplace

Chef Kathy Casey (Dish D’Lish)

Celebrity Chef Kathy Casey has had many accomplishments. From regular local radio and tv segments, to being featured in national media coverage, this chef and mixologist is a pioneer in the chef-bar movement. Her accomplishments include being named Food & Wine Magazine’s “Hot New American Chefs” early in her career. She has written 10 cookbooks and was one of the first to start using savory components in culinary cocktails in the 1990s. Today, she has a successful consulting agency, helping several food and beverage businesses find success with recipe, food, beverage, concept and menu development, cookbook testing and editing. Her business has even expanded recently in SeaTac International Airport, with a new restaurant Lucky Louie Fish Shack, joining her other airport restaurant and shop Rel’Lish Burger Lounge and Dish D’Lish.

If you ever need to find a gift for a foodie friend after traveling (when we can fly again in the future), Dish D’Lish is the place to stop before boarding your airplane. In the shop, you’ll find a collection of cookbooks, cooking utensils and artisan food items that make delightful gifts for yourself or others. One such item is the Dish D’Lish French seasoning salt, which is included in this Seattle TV Stars Box. This seasoning is great sprinkled on meats, seafood, poultry, and vegetables before grilling, roasting, or sautéing. You can also sprinkle lightly on cooked foods as a finishing salt! Follow Chef Kathy Casey on Instagram @kathycaseychef

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