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Seven ways Seattle restaurants make breakfast the best!

Starting the morning right at these Seattle breakfast stops.

Breakfast: It’s said to be the most important meal of the day, but we’d take it one step further – It is the most delicious meal of the day too! And boy, does Seattle know how to breakfast. How Sway? Well between our obsession with coffee, and of course, being home to Cinnabon (the best cinnamon rolls to ever come out of a mall food court), it’s safe to say we take our breakfast seriously.

Here are five ways we do it so well, along with some tasty breakfast recommendations for you to experience breakfast like Seattleites do.

1. Our Biscuits are Ridiculous!

Yes, we know – biscuits are from The South! Yet, you can find some really great biscuits in the Emerald City as well. The word “Honest” gets a new meaning with Honest Biscuits. The owner Art Stone’s recipe calls for extra-large size biscuits, perfect for making breakfast sandwiches or for a heaping plate of Chocolate Gravy (Yes, THAT’S A THING). Not too far is Biscuit Bitch, where you can get saucy – In more ways than one – with their creative renditions of biscuits and gravy.

2. Our Farmer’s Markets are Amazing!

If there’s one thing Seattle loves, it’s our Farmer’s Markets. Most neighborhoods around the city have their own farmers markets popping up in the Summer, and even some throughout the year. Get to these market’s early to find great eats in the morning, such as fresh baked bread and artisan cheese, much coming directly from the producers and makers themselves.

The South Lake Union Neighborhood comes alive during the South Lake Union Saturday Market. They even keep the party going at Night, with a special Night Market once a month during the Summer.

Open year round, the Fremont Sunday Market is a European-style open market with tons of food and craft stalls, just waiting for you to discover them. Walk up to the nearest farmer’s stall and take your choice of the best seasonal fruit available. Then, find a shady spot and enjoy an impromptu picnic along the Fremont waterway.

Lastly, one can’t visit Seattle without visiting the best farmers Markets of them all – Pike Place Market. The longest consecutively- run farmers market in the nation, it is the #1 tourist destination in Seattle, and home to a Seattle breakfast favorite, Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt. Learn more about this iconic Seattle destination on the VIP Early Access Tour of Pike Place Market.

3. We Have Seafood for Breakfast

What?! You mean you never have had buttery, soft, fresh Dungeness Crab piled on top a soft-boiled egg? Or cold smoked salmon layered on top of a smear of cream cheese, capers and chives? You don’t know what you’re missing! You can find dishes like these and more at many of Seattle’s finest breakfast destinations. Some of our favorites include Lowell’s in Pike Place Market, Portage Bay Café (multiple locations) and Glo’s on Capitol Hill.

4. Sip Freshly Squeezed Juice

When you are eating such hearty breakfast foods, one needs to quench their thirst! Freshly squeezed juices fix this issue, and we got the spots for you. We love starting our day at Lola, by far a Seattle institution with a great selection of freshly squeeze juice. If you are in downtown, Bacco Café also has a fresh fruit and veggie juicer, and serves juice blends on the menu that perfectly pair with their food. Or better yet, go to the juice experts at Jar’s Juice, which menu was created by a certified Nutritionist, allowing you to customize the best juice to meet your dietary needs.

5. We Know Coffee

People in Seattle love their coffee, and everyone around the world knows it (Thanks to a tiny, humble coffee shop called Starbucks). But where is the best cup? Well, in downtown Seattle we love Fonte Coffee Roasters and Storyville Coffee, both with locations near and at Pike Place Market, respectively. (Want to hear the real story behind Storyville Coffee? Read about it here). And yes, you can also visit the first Starbucks, but we recommend to instead visit one of the Starbucks Reserve Roasteries, located in the Capitol Hill neighborhood and SODO neighborhood, near Starbucks Headquarters. Here you will find a more refined and intentional coffee experience, with staff educating you about coffee roasting, and stations to taste coffee from beans not normally served in your standard Starbucks locations.

6. We Don’t Skim on Portion Sizes 

Looking for a big breakfast? Don’t worry, this city’s cooks and chefs have your back. There is plenty of breakfast inspired destinations ready to serve big appetites and not break your budget.

If you want ultimate breakfast experience go to The Carlie Room, across from the Paramont Theater in Downtown Seattle, and ask for the Hunter’s Breakfast, a meal made famous by the infamous American writer Hunter S. Thompson. It’s a stack of bacon, filet mignon, eggs, fries, toast and a whole lot more, served on a giant silver platter. Get it on the Weekends starting at 10AM – 3 PM or every night between 10 PM – Midnight.

If eggs are your thing, then Beth’s Café will be the place for you. This classic American diner is a hidden gem with legendary omelettes. They only come in two sizes: 6 or 12 eggs. Omelettes are cooked-to-order and served on a pizza pan with “all you can eat” hash browns and a side of toast, if that is not enough for your never-ending appetite. Did we mention they are open 24-hours?

7. We mastered the Breakfast Sandwich

Most breakfasts-serving restaurants and diners you visit anywhere will mostly likely have a breakfast sandwich on the menu. In Seattle However, we love taking what you know and turning it up a notch. Breakfast sandwiches are taken to whole new levels with the folks at Dahlia Bakery, who some say serves up the best breakfast sandwiches in town. The bakery is located in the middle of Belltown, so it is a quick walk from any of the major downtown Seattle hotels. Quality seasonal ingredients are piled between a fresh baked English muffin. Simple, yet each bite is complex and full of flavor. You can find other great breakfast sandwiches at Morsel, Bavarian Meats in Pike Place Market, and the Rub with Love Shack.

Breakfast in Seattle is the best, and now you know why. Did we miss anything that you really love? Let us know by following us on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter: @SavorSeattle.

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