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Weekly Round-Up November 10th – 13th: Fall Festival (1)

Celebrate the season eating the flavors that make Fall in Seattle so special.

With the cold season starting to settle into the Pacific Northwest, it’s times like these we seek comfort in the form of cozy blankets, Pumpkin Spice lattes and hot soup. For some, this may be inconvenient until a much warmer Spring, but for us – it’s a celebration! Seattle and the greater Puget Sound region is such a beautiful place to be during Fall, so we wanted to curate a food box this week that would celebrate just that, sparking joy and celebrate the season while it lasts.

Frank’s Quality Produce

When it comes to fruits and vegetables, there is no better place than Frank’s Quality Produce, located at  the Corner Market Building of Pike Place Market. Three generations of the Genzale family have had a presence in the Pike Place Market, starting with Frank “Cheech” Genzale in 1928, and now Frank Jr., the current owner and operator of Franks’s Quality Produce. Locals choose this stall not just for the quality of produce, but because of the people that make this stall so special. It is not uncommon to find team members recommending recipes or describing flavors of veggies unfamiliar to those passing by. It is that kind of service that keeps locals loyal to their small business, and why we love working with this amazing family-owned operation.

Each week, Iconic Market Boxes include a box of produce, curated by Frank Jr. and his team. The produce changes based on availability and seasonality, ensuring that our customers get the best produce available – oftentimes much fresher and better than what can be found at the grocery store! Follow Frank’s Quality Produce on Instagram @franksqualityproduce.

Pike Place Chowder

When it comes to visiting Pike Place Market and looking for the ultimate comfort food, one place always comes to mind: Pike Place Chowder. The cozy chowder shop is well known for notoriously long lines in the summer season thanks to tourists patiently awaiting a bowl of their signature award-winning New England clam chowder. The business has humble roots at a small neighborhood diner in West Seattle – the Charleston Street Café – which Larry, the current owner of Pike Place Chowder, originally owned. Clam chowder was already a fan favorite, but it was decided to have a contest amongst the kitchen to see who had the best recipe, with the winner receiving some major bragging rights. The winner’s recipe – a fry cook – tasted so good that they ended up perfecting it and ultimately adopting it as a signature dish on the menu, and shortly after took the chowder on the road to clam chowder cookoffs both local and afar. They ended up winning the National Clam Chowder cookoff in Newport, Rhode Island three years running before being asked to not come back (they’d won too many times!). At that point, they decided to open a business dedicated solely to the award winning soup and to do so in the iconic Pike Place Market. Since then, they have been able to expand and grow as a company and the rest is history!

This week’s customers will receive 32 ounces of Autumn Harvest Chowder. This seasonal chowder is filled with smoked turkey, squash and other fall harvested vegetables, finished in a coconut milk broth. Packed frozen to preserve freshness, simply heat and serve to enjoy the comfort of Pike Place Market at home. Follow Pike Place Chowder in Instagram @pikeplacechowder.

Honest Biscuits

Art Stone was 4 years old when he learned how to make biscuits with his grandmother back in his home state of North Carolina. As an adult, he found himself on vacation in Seattle’s Pike Place Market and fell in love with the artisan craft food scene. After that trip he returned home, quit his job as an administrative judge, and perfected his grandmother’s biscuit recipe, which is open for all to try today at Honest Biscuits. Their extra-large size makes them perfect as a sandwich bun, and their soft yet dense layers soak up any sauces, honey, or jam without getting soggy or overly messy. 

Two sweet potato and two caramel apple biscuits are included in “the works” version of this week’s Iconic Market Box. (One of each flavor will be in the “classic” version). Simply warm and enjoy these playfully sweet biscuits. Follow Honest Biscuits on Instagram @honestbiscuits.

Michou Gourmet Deli 

A favorite among the crafts vendors, artists and pretty much everyone who works in Pike Place Market, Michou World Class Deli makes its usual appearance in this week’s iconic Market Box. Michou’s bounty of panini-style sandwiches, soups, dips, desserts, and salads are beloved for their use of great quality ingredients, and lines are common in the morning and during the lunch rush. 

This week Michou Deli has provided their Fall Wheatberry Salad in two different sizes: 24 ounces for “The Works” size boxes and 12 ounces for “Classic” size boxes. They have also provided a delicious kale and feta dip, perfect for pairing with your Beecher’s classic crackers. Follow Michou Deli on Instagram @michoudeli.

Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt 

Doesn’t matter what season it is, there will always be a line at Ellenos Real Greek Yogurt in the Pike Place Market. Located kitty-corner from the infamous Public Market Center neon sign and clock, Ellenos is a family owned business that specializes in, you guessed it – authentic Greek yogurt. Greek Yogurt differs from the standard yogurt most Americans are accustomed to in the fact that there is no whey – that watery substance that is often found near the top of a yogurt cup after opening. Whey is continually strained out over a long period of time (5 days for Ellenos’s process) to create a richer, thicker yogurt product. In turn, this makes Greek Yogurt higher in protein and lower in sugar – ideal for those looking to bulk up and get in shape after the holidays. 

Ellenos is providing a 16oz container of their seasonal limited-edition Pumpkin Pie Greek yogurt in this week’s Iconic Market Box. Pumpkin spice infused yogurt with actual pieces of pumpkin pie chunks on top – It total decadence in a cup. Follow Ellenos Greek Yogurt on Instagram @Ellenosgreekyogurt.

Coro Foods

Pioneer Square has long been the home of Salumi, the little meat shop known for its cured meats and local Italian charm. After moving to a larger restaurant location just last year, the business has been able to grow significantly, along with new owners to help the business move into the next generation. Under the new brand name, Coro, CEOs Clara Veniard and Martinique Grigg are pushing the boundaries of salami with new, bold flavors while also allowing more people outside of Seattle to enjoy the experience Salumi has been known for over the last 20 years. A fun bit of background on Coro’s name from their website:

“As members of a broader community of cured meat artisans, we cannot presume to own the word salumi, which is the Italian word for cured meats. We are one of many around the world that make salumi and dedicate ourselves to this craft. Not only should others be able to share in the celebrated word, we also believe it should be easy for our customers to find the product they love. Why Coro? The Italian word for chorus, it is a celebration of the chorus of unique and non-traditional flavors we create in our cured meats and the chorus of voices at Salumi that come together to make it loved. We are two women and longtime friends surrounded by a team of people that share our passion for what we create.”

Coro has included their Agrumi flavored piccolo salami in this week’s Iconic Market Box. Slice thinly and layer on your crackers and dip for a delicious, artisan bite of the Pacific Northwest. Follow Coro on Instagram @corofoods.

Joe Chocolate 

Do you love chocolate? Do you love coffee? Then you will love Joe Chocolate – literally the best of both worlds. Owners Sam Tanner and Peter Keckemeta came up with the concept of coffee-infused chocolate for a class project at the University of Washington, and later made the concept a reality as an energizing trail snack for their thru-hiking friends on the Pacific Crest Trail. As a two-man operation, they would make their chocolate product after hours using the back kitchen of Spuds Fish & Chips. Since then, they have grown significantly in size and popularity, and were able to open their first café and factory in Pike Place Market in 2019. Joe Chocolate uses simple ingredients, and always avoids artificial sweeteners or preservatives. They source fair-labor chocolate and co-op Latin American coffee beans. Not only is the chocolate delicious, but it wil wake you up – one bag of Joe Chocolate is equivalent to two cups of coffee, or 90 Mg of caffeine.

Lovers of the outdoors, the company sponsors those who lack the financial resources to hike the Pacific Crest Trail through their Caveman Dirtbag Sponsorship. It provides 8 care packages along the hike with cash, food, gear, and equipment needed for the journey. They want to make sure a lack of funds doesn’t keep anyone from enjoying the Great Outdoors.

Each Iconic Market Box comes with 1 bag of Chai espresso-infused dark chocolate enrobed cashews. Semi-sweet and crunchy, this tasty treat activates every tastebud with each handful. Do not be surprised if you find it hard to put down. Follow Joe Chocolate on Instagram @joechocolateco.

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese is easily one of the most well known brands born from Pike Place Market. Known for their long lines for mac and cheese and large viewing windows enabling passersby to view daily cheese-making, it is a no-brainer that we have been working with this business from the first day of Savor Seattle’s food tour operations, over thirteen years ago.

Started by Kurt Beecher Dammeier, the Pike Place Market location opened in 2003 and has since expanded to the Flat Iron District in New York City and even to Monroe, Wisconsin. Eating food without harmful additives or preservatives is critical to Kurt and is even part of the company’s credo: “Beecher’s Handmade Cheese makes foods only with ingredients we trust, are proud of, and would eat ourselves. It’s just authentic and original food, full of flavor.”

This week Beecher’s is providing a bag of their classic crackers. Created originally to compliment their fine cheeses, these crackers elevate any charcuterie board or snack bowl with its presence. Crackers are light, sweet with just enough salt to balance with anything you top it with. Perfect for dipping in fresh hot chowder! Follow Beecher’s Handmade Cheese on Instagram @beecherscheese.

Middle Fork Roasters

Middle Fork Coffee-Savor Seattle Blend

In 2009, a close-knit group of friends and coffee-lovers decided to put their passions first and began roasting coffee in the heart and soul of Seattle’s coffee scene. Since then, they have been regularly active in their community, giving back whenever they can and working with other businesses to help make their own coffee dreams come true. In fact, Middle Fork Roasters are responsible for providing the beans to many businesses around Seattle, including those in Pike Place Market.

We’re psyched that Middle Fork created the Savor Seattle Blend – a combination of Brazilian and Sumatran beans, delivering a bold yet buttery body with rich chocolate undertones. This laid-back blend provides an incredibly clean finish that is perfect for easing into your morning routine. Every “The Works” size Iconic Market Box includes a 1 lb. bag of whole bean coffee and is omitted from “Classic” size boxes. Follow Middle Fork Roasters on Instagram @middleforkroasters.

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