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Weekly Round-Up September 28th – October 2nd: Crab Cakes

Summer is over, but Crab Cake Season never ends in this limited edition Iconic Market Box!

Maryland isn’t the only state that does crab cakes (or football) – Washington does too (Wedding
Crashers, anyone?)! Thanks to our friends from Pike Place Fish Market, Iconic Market Box customers get
to experience these delicious seafood creations all for themselves. Not only that, but this week we are
trying out a Vegan & Gluten-free version of Iconic Market Box (The Works size only) for the first time
ever! This is largely due to the requests made by readers like you. Depending on how it sells, we may
continue to offer and expand on this option, so be sure to spread the word if you want Vegan and
Gluten-free Iconic Market Boxes to stay!

Pike Place Fish

For many visitors to Pike Place Market, the first thing people see or talk about is the “guys throwing the
fish” (ahem- there are women fishmongers there too!). Pike Place Fish Market has been around since
the 1920s but their history really gets interesting in the 1960s when Japanese American Johnny
Yokohama purchased the business. His family once had a produce stand that stood just next door to
where the fish market stands today; the family business was lost when Japanese internment was
implemented. As Johnny operated his business, he realized that he and his team had to do a lot of
walking when someone ordered seafood – grabbing the product from the display up front, then walking
it to the back to cut, clean, wrap etc., then walk it all the way back to the customer. Johnny figured it
took about 60 steps down and back, and at a time when a pound of fresh clams were 60 cents a pound,
getting paid 1 cent per step did not feel right. Trying to find a suitable solution, he realized that he could
simply “toss” the fish or bagged product up and over the counter as long as a fishmonger was there to
catch it. Thus, throwing the fish started not as a flashy promotion as many seem to think today, but
rather as a measure of efficiency.

This week, Pike Place Fish Market has included 4 delicious and plump crab cakes! These panko-crusted
crab cakes are all hand-made with lots of crab meat, a little bit of shrimp and seasoned with herbs and
spices. Prepared frozen and fully cooked, just follow the cooking instructions provided in your Iconic
Market Box and find yourself in crab cake heaven in less than 15 minutes! Follow Pike Place Fish Market
on Instagram @pikeplacefish.

Crab Cake Cooking Instructions: Place frozen or thawed cakes directly in a well oiled, preheated pan. Cook over medium heat until golden brown, about 4 minutes per side, slightly more if frozen. Cook to an internal temperature of 165 for 3 minutes.

Michou Deli

A favorite among the crafts line vendors, artists and pretty much everyone who works in the Pike Place
Market, Michou World Class Deli makes another appearance in this week’s iconic Market Box. Michou’s
bounty of panini-style sandwiches, soups, dips, desserts, and salads are beloved for their use of great
quality ingredients, and lines are common in the morning and during the lunch rush.

Michou put together a delicious salad for us this week: California Quinoa Salad! The salad starts with
organic quinoa mixed with a colorful array of grape tomatoes, corn, edamame, red cabbage, cilantro,
and green onion. It is then topped with a bright and fresh lemon, garlic and parsley dressing. This salad
is both Vegan and gluten-free and comes in a smaller size in the “classic” size box. Follow Michou Deli on
Instagram @michoudeli.

Frank’s Quality Produce

When it comes to fruits and vegetables, there is no better place than Frank’s Quality Produce, located at
the Corner Market Building of Pike Place Market. Three generations of the Genzales’ family have had a
presence in the Pike Place Market, starting with Frank “Cheech” Genzale in 1928, and now Frank Jr., the
current owner and operator of Franks’ Quality Produce. Locals choose this stall not just for the high
quality of produce, but because of the people that make this stall so special. It is not a rarity to find team
members recommending recipes or describing flavors of veggies unfamiliar to those who pass by or visit.
It is that kind of quality service that keeps locals loyal, and why we love working with this amazing
family-owned small business.

Each week, Iconic Market Boxes include a box of produce, curated by Frank Jr. and his team. The
produce changes each week based on availability and season, ensuring that our customers get the best
produce available – much fresher and better than what you find at the grocery store! Follow Frank’s
Quality Produce on Instagram @franksqualityproduce.

Shug’s Soda Fountain

If your sweet tooth calls you while you are in the Market area, then Shug’s Soda Fountain & Ice Cream is
the place to visit. Started by Colleen Wilkie and Paul Dormann, the shop opened in May of 2016. Their
ship is a charming mix of old school soda fountain nostalgia with a modern Seattle twist. You will also
notice a mural of the streets of London on it…a special nod to their daughter, named London.
Known for their Instagram-worthy sundaes and prosecco floats, the statewide shutdown and COVID-19
pandemic put a significant strain on their small ice cream business. Thankfully, Colleen’s creative
ingenuity sparked a new concept – a S’mores kit! It includes everything you need to create your own ice
cream s’mores at home. Each kit comes with homemade marshmallows, graham cracker crumble, and
yummy chocolate sauce. Just be sure to B.Y.O.I.C (Bring Your Own Ice Cream)! Vegan and Gluten-free
Iconic Market Boxes will include a version with vegan & gluten-free ingredients and pair perfectly with
your favorite dairy-free ice cream! Follow Shug’s Soda Fountain & Ice Cream on Instagram

Made in Washington

“Locally Inspired. Locally Made. Loved Everywhere” – That’s the motto at Made in Washington, a gift
shop located in the middle of Pike Place Market’s Post Alley. Since 1984, the shop has provided a space
for local artists and entrepreneurs to be seen by market visitors looking for a piece of the Pacific
Northwest to take home. At Made in Washington, everything is literally made in Washington. Their
offerings range from specialty foods and drinks to handcrafted glass artworks that represent our
region’s diverse culture. It is a great shop to visit if you are short on time when visiting Pike Place
Market, or if you are looking to ship gifts home directly.

This week, Made in Washington is hooking us up with two products: Seattle Canning Company’s tomato
relish, and Marge Granola for those who choose the Vegan and Gluten-Free Iconic Market Box. The
tomato relish is made using fresh tomatoes, sweet onions and a delicious mix of spices that give it that
extra little kick. It is a fantastic addition to crab cakes, or enjoyed as a sandwich spread. Marge Granola
(as well as Cobb’s Popcorn) serves as a replacement for the crab cakes if you choose the Vegan &
Gluten-Free Iconic Market Box and is utterly delicious. Non-GMO verified, certified vegan and gluten-
free, this beautiful robust blend of hand-made, small-batch granola is packed with all our favorite nuts, seeds, dried cranberries, and toasted coconut. Enjoy with breakfast or as a hearty snack whenever
hunger strikes! Follow Made in Washington on Instagram @madeinwashingtonstores.

Sidhu Farms

SIdhu Famrs. Kamal Sidhu, Iconic Market Box, Market Favorites

This is a favorite among folks who have purchased a Market Favorites Box! Kamal Sidhu is a second-
generation farmer. His father purchased acreage in the Puyallup Valley in the 1990s. Kamal’s father
originally wanted to develop the land for homes, however the previous owners had planted a field of
berries on part of the land. His family collected the berries and quickly sold them at the local farmers
market, surprised to see such demand for fresh berries. Shortly thereafter, they went to sell their berries
at Pike Place Market and the rest is history. “We’re going to be rich!” laughed Kamal as he described his
dad’s reaction after the first day at Pike Place Market. Their family still lives on their original plot of land
and have since expanded their berry farm and production by planting more trees, buying additional
land, and getting the whole family involved.

Sidhu Farms is also regularly active in the local farmers market community circuit, frequently present in
farmers markets in both King and Pierce counties. They sell a variety of fresh berries based on the
season and preserve the rest, ensuring as little waste as possible.

Live outside of Washington and crave a taste of the Pacific Northwest? Sidhu Farms’ strawberry jam is in our Market Favorites Boxes, available for nationwide shipping all year round. It is perfect as a gift for birthdays, holidays, and care packages for your loved ones.

You will love this week’s included raspberry jam. It is low in sugar and does not use any artificial
sweeteners or preservatives. In fact, it is simply fruit – containing 80% more than traditional jams.
Follow Sidhu Farms on Instagram @sidhufarms.


MarketSpice tea, Iconic Market Box, Savor Seattle

Started in 1911, MarketSpice is one of the oldest businesses in Pike Place Market and specializes in
wholesale teas and spices. Many who visited the shop have tried their best-selling Orange-Cinnamon
tea, created by Ruby Rutelonis in the 1960s. Ruby hated tea (she didn’t like the flavor), yet sold tea for a
living! So, she decided to change the flavor to her liking, adding the essential oils of orange, cinnamon,
and clove to Chinese black tea. The combination created a tea that was aromatic and flavorful. It was so
popular that often the tea is referred to synonymously as the name of the business. Guests who visit the
storefront underneath the Public Market Center neon sign are immediately met with an aroma of spices.

This week, you will find their Cinnamon-Orange Redbush tea in your Iconic Market Box. This is an herbal,
caffeine-free version of their signature namesake tea flavor. This tea is high in anti-oxidants and is a
great way to welcome fall and cooler weather. Find a 24 -count of tea bags in each “the works” version
of your Iconic Market Box, and a 10-count of tea bags in “classic” size versions. Pro-tip: Keep this tea in
an airtight glass container and place in the fridge to keep the tea fresh for longer! Follow MarketSpice on
Instagram @marketspice.

Middle Fork Roasters

In 2009, a close-knit group of friends and coffee-lovers decided to put their passions first and began
roasting coffee in the heart and soul of Seattle’s coffee scene. Since then, they have been regularly
active in their community, giving back whenever they can and working with other businesses to help

make their own coffee dreams come true. In fact, Middle Fork Roasters are responsible for providing the
beans to many businesses around Seattle, including those in Pike Place Market. We’re psyched that
Middle Fork created the Savor Seattle Blend – a combination of Brazilian and Sumatran beans, delivering
a bold yet buttery body with rich chocolate undertones. This laid-back blend provides an incredibly clean
finish that is perfect for easing into your morning routine. Every Works version of the Iconic Market Box
includes a 1 lb. bag of whole bean coffee. Follow Middle Fork Roasters on Instagram

Cobb’s Gourmet Popcorn

If you ever take the elevator down to Western Avenue from the Main Arcade building, then you will
have no doubt walked directly past Cobb’s Gourmet Popcorn, owned and operated by Rowen Ring &
Erin Cobb. Cobb’s originally started in a garage as Cobb’s bootleg popcorn, and was secretly sold and
sought after by popcorn lovers in Seattle neighborhoods. As their reputation grew, they soon realized
that going legit was better than a lawsuit, and the operation moved to the historic Pike Place Market.
The brand takes pride in the idea that their popcorn is a “guilt-free pleasure” – meaning that their
ingredients are of the highest quality and they do not take shortcuts like some of their competitors. This
difference can be experienced just by taste alone, which is why most of our Savor Seattle staff have
serious addictions to Cobb’s popcorn.

If you opted for the Vegan & Gluten-free Iconic Market Box, then you will receive a delicious treat:
Vegan Sea Salt Popcorn! This special blend is so good that we think we might even prefer it over their
standard Sea Salt flavor. The savory flavors include nutritional yeast, onion powder, garlic powder, dill,
and more. Follow Cobb’s Popcorn on Instagram @cobbspopcorn.

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