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5 Seattle Restaurants with Incredible Comfort Food

Get through the cold season with food from these awesome Seattle establishments!

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As Seattle’s rainy season starts to settle in, out comes the rain jackets, sweatpants and the feeling of wanting to stay inside and cozy up under blankets and chill. That cozy comfort feeling also applies to our food, and if there is one thing Seattle Does well, it’s comfort food. Ranging from hot soups to perfectly cooked wood-fired pizza, even Seattle’s best fine dining establishments make a nod to comfort food with elevated ingredients and preparations. Here are our recommendations for some of Seattle’s best comfort food restaurants. 

1. Mr. Saigon – Pioneer Square 

tomato, shrimp, broth, onion, cilantro, green onions, Pho, Mr. Saigon, Pioneer Square, Seattle

With Seattle’s rainy and cold weather, Pho – a Vietnamese style noodle soup – has been a Seattle staple for what seems like forever. Pair that soup bowl with a Bahn Mi – a Vietnamese sandwich made with a freshly baked French roll and marinated meats and vegetables – for a near perfect comfort food combination. For the best of both worlds, visit the Pioneer Square location of Mr. Saigon. This new location of this up and coming Bahn Mi specialty chain also serves Pho for $9 and is the perfect place if you are new to Vietnamese cuisine. 

2. Dough Zone – Downtown Seattle 

soup dumpling, steam bun, steamer, Dough Zone, Downtown Seattle

Chinese style dumplings have been all the rage over the last few years. The iconic Din Tai Fung restaurant chain has grown significantly in the PNW, as well as a love for all things soup dumplings, (fried or streamed) has risen in the Seattle food scene. One of those new restaurants is Dough Zone, a local chain with a few locations across the Seattle area. For those visiting Downtown Seattle, their new location is on the corner of Pine Street and 7th Avenue, next to the Paramount Theatre. Our favorite bite is the Q-bao, made with pork and green onions wrapped around a soft bun that is pan-fried for a crispy exterior and soft steamy interior. 

3. Anejo Mexican Restaurant and Tequila Bar

lamb shank, Anejo Mexican Restaurant, avadcado, rice, plates, Capitol Hill, Seattle

At Anejo Mexican Restaurant and Tequila Bar, you come for the tacos but stay for the tequila. Along with expected staples at a Mexican restaurant such as fresh tortilla and tacos, the Capitol Hill restaurant is home to quite a few regional specialties. One of our favorites is the chili-marinated lamb shank, called borrego. Cooked until the meat is fork tender, the deep red chili sauce adds a unique flavor of salt, acid, fat and heat that is perfectly balanced. Add an order of queso dip for ultimate Mexican comfort food action!

4. Serious Pie

Serious Pie, Pizza, Seattle, downtown Seattle,

If you haven’t heard of Serious Pie, Seattle Chef Tom Douglas’s signature pizza restaurant, then you have been missing out. Tom brings his style of farm-to-table cooking to pizza, using high quality ingredients and fire burning wood stone oven that cooks pizza in 8 to 10 minutes. The Belltown neighborhood location spends $30,000 per month on imported cheese from Italy. Now that’s some serious pizza! Visit these guys during Happy Hour for a great deal on vino and pizza, or visit them on a guided tour on the Gourmet Seattle Tour!

5. Umai Sushi & Teriyaki 

Umai sushi & teriyaki, chicken teriyaki, Pike Place Market, salad, rice, Seattle, downtown Seattle

A Seattle original, teriyaki got it’s big debut in the late ’70s as a common lunch special at small teriyaki shops in the city. For plates as low as $4, it was a working-class meal that the city and it’s residents came to love. While many of these teriyaki shops no longer exist and prices have risen over time, teriyaki is still a favorite among locals and in the surrounding suburbs. A fan favorite among vendors of the Pike Place Market, Umai Sushi & Teriyaki serves delicious teriyaki at an affordable price. A lunch special of Chicken Teriyaki, rice, and a salad will cost you $8.95, and only $7 if you skip the salad, perfect for a quick lunch! 

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