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9 delicious Seattle vegan restaurants to Eat at in the New Year

Start the New Year with fresh and healthy eating at these 9 delicious Vegan restaurants!

Vegan eating is one of the hottest trends in food culture today. So popular, that even fast food chains are catching on with meat-free alternatives. Vegan restaurants are nothing new to Seattle, and though may be few in number, the quality of fresh and delicious ingredients and the lines out their doors is evidence of their popularity and demand. If you are needing some inspiration for your next meal, take a look at these outstanding Seattle restaurants and cafes.

1. Wayward Vegan Cafe

For those wanting to try an all vegan menu for the first time, check out the Wayward Vegan Cafe. This place is like a vegan greasy spoon, with a menu that ranges from classic vegan cafe items to vegan takes on wht you’d think would be classic options at your local diner.

2. Mighty-O Donuts

Donuts might be the last thing you’d think that could be vegan, but at Mighty-O donuts, they delight their guests with amazing and scrumptious wonder. With multiple locations across Seattle, they are both convenient and easy to get to, especially in downtown Seattle. We recomend their “Bavarian Cream” filled donut – filled with a fluffy tofu-based “cream” that you’d never believe it wasn’t the real thing.

3. Plum Bistro

Looking for a romantic eatery that specializes in Vegan cooking? Then look no further than Plum Bistro is Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. The entire menu is 100% vegan, with an impressive cocktail list to boot; you’ll be licking your lips as soon as one of their delicious entrees are dropped in front of you. Keep in mind, they only take reservations for groups of six or more, othewise the dining room is first come, first served.

4. Sugar Plum Bakery

If you took everything that is great about Plum Bistro and combined it with a bakery, you’d get Sugar Plum Bakery, just a few blocks away from it’s sister restaurant. While easy to miss you you don’t look closely, this awesome walk-up bakery feels like someone’s home kitchen, giving its tasty treats a home-cooked feeling. Here you’ll find a variety of vegan-friendly desserts and sweet dishes like pies, sorbets, cookies and more!

5. Highline Bar

Want a great place to hang out in the evening for drinks and delicious vegan food? Then try out Highline Bar in Capitol Hill. This spot has fantastic views and a complete cocktail list that will have you coming for the drinks but staying for the food. This is a great bar to start at before continuing on your journey exploring the Capitol Hill neighborhood.

6. No Bones Beach Club

What originally started as a food truck in Seattle has now laid roots firmly planted in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood. At No Bones Beach Club, their tagline is ” Just because it’s Vegan, doesn’t mean it has to suck”. The team here really proves this, by recreating some of your favorite bar and restaurants dishes and transforming them into vibrant and flavorful recreations that will totally transform how you see and understand vegan food. Don’t skip on the avocado tacos or their Northwest nachos, and you’ll love their selection of colorful cocktails to match their tiki-themed bar.

7. Next Level Burger Roosevelt

You have probably heard of Impossible foods and Beyond Meats, two meat-free alternatives that are taking restaurants and fast food chains by storm as meat-free options on menus. But Seattle just so happens to be home of one of America’s first 100% Plant-Based Burger Joints, called Next Level Burger. With seven locations across the country, this burger joint is changing the way people view and source food. You’ll find there Seattle location inside the Whole Foods market, making it super easy to get to.

8. Kati Vegan Thai

At Kati Vegan Thai in Seattle’s downtown neighborhood Chef and owner Fan brings traditional Thai flavors and herbs together with modern preparation and technique. You’ll find a 100% vegan versions of some of your favorite thai dishes, such as Pad Thai, Pad See Ew and Red Curry. This place is so good, you might never want to go to another Thai restaurant than this one. Join them for their $17 lunch buffet, complete with a medley of rotating noodle, salad and rice dishes that change every day.

9. Cupcake Royale 

Cupcake Royale has long been known for delicious cupcakes and sweet treats, but would you believe one of their best sellers is a vegan cupcake? Hand-swirled with a vegan chocolate frosting, the cupcake use no dairy, no eggs, and all natural cocoa nibs. It’s love in vegan chocolaty form. This amazing cafe is also featured on the Chocolate Indulgence Tour by Savor Seattle Food Tours.

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